Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: June 6, 2022

1 Tamar Berk Tragic Endings
2 The Legendary Swagger She
3 DJ Trotsky Da Da Da
4 Andrea Gillis About a Girl
5 Tiger Bomb Tell Me More
6 Les Fradkin Jangleholic
7 Tony Valentino Dirty Water
8 Brad Marino Another Sad and Lonely Night
9 Suburban Key Party Seven Billion People
10 The Rough Housers Monkey Butt
11 Youth Chairs An Embarrassment of Riches
12 The Chelsea Curve Nuthin’ Goin’ On
13 The Darts US Love Tsunami
14 The Sunshine Boys Underwater
15 Space Panther Hey Woman
16 The Ormidales Waiting For Catherine To Call
17 Velvet Starlings HG Wells
18 Klubber Lang Make amends
19 Jody and the Jerms The Harder I Try
20 Miss Georgia Peach w Ruyter Suys Jackson
21 Bamil What Will I Do
22 Jim Basnight My Vision Of You
23 Limberlost Long Way From Home
24 Majella M Murphy Respect
25 Amy McAllister Love Somebody Hard To Love
26 Tetsuko I Like U
27 Pop Co-Op Air Heart
28 Christopher Peifer Nowhere Fast
29 Superdrone Someday
30 Blood Red Rose Don't Wanna
31 Modern Mimes Down and Dead
32 Stereolab Fuses
33 Hutchie Small Fish Small Pond
34 Kids That Fly Kiss Her You Fool
35 The Clams Human Being
36 Pink Moon Babies Big Pink Moon
37 Rogue Proxy Paparazzi Sniper
39 Ninebanks Innocent
40 Cake Sale Let Go Or Be Dragged
41 Ashley LeBlanc Glitter
42 Firebug Moment Of Joy
43 Heat Inc Little Knuckle Charlie
44 Aaron Michaels Trust
45 Walker Brigade Choker
46 Femegades Speechless
47 Silver Owls Sleeping Giant
48 Mark Rockower Stone Deaf Love
50 The Lonesome Captain & His Hurt Feelings Brigitte Bardot's Cigarette
51 Bobby Allison and Gerry Spehar Delta Man
52 Harrington Saints State Of Emergency
53 Speedfossil Disconnected
54 Klepac Do What I Want
55 Al Barrett Destroyer On The Road
56 Star Collector Game Day
57 Woves Flesh And Bone
58 The Dirty Truckers (You've Got The) Shakes Again
59 Cult Figures Something About You
60 Ring Them Bells Evil Twin
61 The Magnificent Raise Your Hand
62 J Prozac Claustrophobic/Beat Of Our Hearts
63 Mark Ruesbery Get Away
64 Holly And The Byrd Holiday in L.A.
65 Orbis 2.0 with Tim Izzard And Ed Ryan Back On The Shelf
66 Keeley Shadow on the Hill
67 Cormac O Caoimh There must be a catch
68 Junkyard Fieldtrip Funny
69 Will Wood Love Me Normally
70 Peyton Gilliland Devil’s Daughter
71 Sleep Overload Afraid
72 Southwest Biscuit Company Old and Cranky
73 Lonely Leesa and The Lost Cowboys The Reckoning Is Here
74 Abbie Barrett Here To Stay
75 Drool Brothers Yesterdays Future Now
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