Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: May 2, 2022

1 The Chelsea Curve Jamie C’mon/Nuthin' Goin On
2 Hiiro Moe Trouble Boys
3 Nick Piunti Trying Too Hard
4 Gypsy Moths Relievio
5 Josie Cotton Fading Fast
6 Carla Olson I Can See For Miles
7 Katy Rose Let’s Become
8 The Darts US Love Tsunami
9 Fishburn The Other Side
10 Les Fradkin You Can’t Change Me
11 Beck Black Transmission
12 Len Price 3 Waiting for the Trouble to Come
13 Murv Douglas Just Waiting
14 The Weeklings Baby Let Me Take You Home
15 Soda Cracker Jesus Hoping For The Best
16 Gymnasium Coast To Coast Companion
17 Cult Figures Something About You
18 Tamar Berk Tragic Endings/Real Bad Day
19 VERN Not The End
20 Ground Level Falcons Your Face Gives It Away
21 Columbia Mills Addiction
22 Richard Dev Greene & Cait O’Riordan Wish The World Anew
23 Shang Hi Los Billy
24 David Martinez Fast And Hard
25 Thee Headcoatees Davey Crockett
26 H-Star ft. Jozy Wellz Lyrical Heathens
27 Chris Jones Band See The Light
28 Kathryn Shipley If These Boots Could Talk
29 Whimsical Crash and Burn
30 Thoughts Are Nuclear Euphoria
31 Sam Fender Seventeen Going Under
32 Tucker Cheap Menu
33 Lysol Disenfectent
34 Most Likely To Fail So Much
36 The Outfit Monster
37 Zach Bair The Great Divide
38 SaintPolis Lucky Stars
39 Belle And Sebastian Unnecessary Drama
40 The Dogmatics Drop that Needle
41 Jim Basnight My Vision of You
42 Flechettes Carry Your Matches
43 Local Drags Breakable
44 speedfossil Disconnected
45 Katanak Sunday (ft. Koolz)
46 Kiwi Kannibal Swimmer Boy
47 Bird Language First Date
48 Beat Angels Stay With Me/Autumn Town
49 3mindBight Letting Go
50 Makoto Kawamoto Gimmi Shelter
51 Behold The Beloved Trenches
52 Will Sawney Just Groovin
53 pMad Broken
54 Donna Dunne No Place Like Home
55 Brooke That’s Rich
56 Sugaray Rayford Invisible Soldier
57 Bobby Allison & Gerry Shehar River
58 The Late Starters Quarter To Ten
59 Malou Beauvoir The World is Crying
60 Bamil Holding To You
61 Cindy Lawson How It Feels
62 Miss Georgia Peach Don't Stay Away
63 Parabola West Calling Your Name
64 The Fuzziyama Surfers Nantoka Beach
65 The Drool Brothers Yesterday’s Future Now
66 Crystal Canyon Hindsight
67 The Mochines Miss My Baby
68 John Salaway Toxic Lovesick
69 Glass Penguin It’s Never Too Late
70 Paul McCartney & Wings Let Me Roll It
71 Dead Star Talk Winning Team
72 Shake Some Don’t Think You’re My Friend
73 The Regrettes Anxieties (Out of Time)
74 Soft Crisis Become
75 Marc Platt Leave My Kitten Alone
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