Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: May 9, 2022

1 Hiiro Moe Trouble Boys
2 Ger Eaton Phoenix (Reborn)
3 Columbia Mills Addiction
4 Johnathan Pushkar (f Laurier Lachance & Ian Ash) No Way Home
5 Nick Piunti Trying Too Hard
6 Murv Douglas Just Waiting
7 Drool Brothers Yesterdays Future Now
8 Velvet Starlings There's Nobody There
9 Gypsy Moths Releivio
10 Diablogato She Just Wants To Rock and Roll
11 Jim Basnight Stop the Words/My Vision of You
12 Seth Swirsky I Don’t Want To Lose You
13 Josie Cotton Fading Fast
14 John Salaway Toxic Lovesick
15 The Darts US Love Tsunami
16 The Chelsea Curve Jamie C’mon
17 The Weeklings Baby Let Me Take You Home
18 Kiwi Kannibal Swimmer Boy
19 Les Fradkin You Can’t Change Me
20 Suzi Moon Gold Record Autograph
21 Katy Rose Let’s Become
22 Perk My Girl
23 X Water & Wine
24 Walker Brigade V.D. Doll
25 Nashville Pussy Come On, Come On
26 Matt Bailie Whiskey Away
27 Josh Sedor Acoustic Wallflower
28 Chop5 Bug Stomper
29 The Outfit Monster
30 The Equals Police On My Back
31 DJ Trotsky A Moldy Night in Milton Keynes
32 Bim Bam Boom Million times Flashback
33 Nazz Open My Eyes
34 Carla Olson I Can See For Miles
35 Amoeba Teen New Material World
36 Chris Jones Band See The Light
37 Millie Courtney Heavy Heart
38 Muse Won't Stand Down
39 Mexican Dogs When It's Gone
40 Scalpel High
41 Soft Set More More More
42 Voldo Caley Line
43 The Samu Parchecito
44 Tommy Strazza Visions of Anjelia
45 Macc Tiger Heels
46 The Blue Herons From Here
47 SP84 & Emily Zuzik Passion
48 The Divided Nothing Left
49 Firebug Change
50 Donna Dunne No PLace Like Home
51 The Real Michael Lee New You
52 Fishburn The Other Side
53 Eileen Alanna Paint in Eyes
54 Telefís Mister Imperator
55 John Aulabaugh A Reason
56 Heat Inc Little Knuckle Charlie
57 Aaron Michaels Trust
58 Dictator Rubik's Cube
59 Beat Angels Here She Comes
60 Marc Platt Leave My Kitten Alone
62 Shang Hi Los Billy
63 Star Collector Game Day
64 RoofTop Screamers Our Lucky Night
65 Connor Clark & The Matador Kings Bitterness Is Empty
66 Ryan Sheridan Have a Little Faith
67 Wyld Gooms You Did Me Wrong
68 Lukas Setto Best Part Of Me
69 Dios Padres Mojo Devil
70 Johnny Angel Wendell and the Fabulous Knuckerholes Do The Otter
71 Belle And Sebastian Unnecessary Drama
72 Sydney Irving Wish That I Knew
73 Tamar Berk Dandelions In My Flowerbed/Your Permission
74 Nerf Herder w/ Weird Al Yankovic Born Weird
75 The Fuzziyama Surfers Nantoka Beach
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