Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: April 25, 2022

1 The Weeklings Baby Let Me Take You Home
2 Jim Basnight Hello Mary Jane/Vision of You
3 Flechettes Carry Your Matches
4 Makoto Kawamoto Gimmi Shelter
5 Josie Cotton Fading Fast
6 Local Drags Breakable
7 The Chelsea Curve Jamie C’mon/All In Time
8 Carla Olson I Can See For Miles
9 Shang Hi Los Billy
10 Murv Douglas Just Waiting
11 The Darts Love Tsunami
12 Fishburn The Other Side
13 Peyton Gilliland Devil’s Daighter
14 Katy Rose Let’s Become
15 Linnea's Garden No Bra
16 speedfossil Disconnected
17 J Prozac Won't Let Go
18 Mike Skill / Nikki Corvette Tonight
19 Jim Chesnut Willing Women
20 Tetsuko No Comment
21 Kitty Junk So Pretty
22 Alpha Cat Orbit
23 HOT Laundry Over You
24 Dolores Keane Caledonia
25 Tamar Berk Your Permission
26 David Martinez Fast And Hard
27 Soda Cracker Jesus Hoping For The Best
28 The Dogmatics Drop That Needle
29 Macc Tiger Heels
30 The Late Starters Quarter To Ten
31 Kathryn Shipley If These Boots Could Talk
32 The Duchess & The Duke Living This Life Makes it Hard
33 The K’s Hometown
34 The Sixters Media Minion
35 Mark Remmington Lets Forget We're Animals
36 Will Sawney Just Groovin
37 Ray Fael See The Sea
38 Khruangbin B-Side
39 Bleakness Dancing With Darkness
40 Funny Funny The Sweet
41 Life Friends Without Names
42 New Rocket Union Twin Cities Tonight
43 1/4 Chubz Salvation
44 Mick Flannery Susan O'Neill Chain Reaction
45 Aoife Doyle Music Infinitely Clear
46 False Heads Day Glow
48 Heidi Tann Good Vibez
49 Lopslide Robbed At Random
50 Gymnasium Coast to Coast Companion
51 Kye Alfred Hillig Safe Surrender
52 Nero Simon & The Sunsetters Forever
53 Nashville Pussy Come On, Come On
54 Sonic Whip Storm Is Over
55 The Fuzziyama Surfers Nantoka Beach
56 Star Collector Green Eyes
57 Coolies King of Confusio
58 Aengus Devine Human Race
59 Hicktown Breakout Born To Be Free
60 Cindy Lawson How It Feels
61 Chris Jones Band See The Light
62 Shake Some Don’t Think You’re My Friend
63 Magnetic Bon Bons Stay A Little While
64 The Uni Boys On Your Lovin’ Mind
65 Abby Butler Deja Vu
66 Suzi Moon Animal
67 The Amplifier Heads SaturnalienS
68 Yungblud The Funeral
69 Blink Cello 20
70 Shanda & The Howlers That Boy
71 Suburban Urchins Zed
72 Deirdre Murphy Music Hands Down
73 Little Murders What's The Matter With Mary
74 Belle And Sebastian Unncecessary Drama
75 The Sweet Funny Funny
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