Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: April 24, 2023

1 Josie Cotton Disco Ball/Painting In Blood
2 Cruzados Dead Inside
3 The Tearaways Saturday Everyday
4 Slamdinistas There You Go Again
5 Lovi Did This Godzilla
6 Mourning Noise Misery Loves Me
7 Key of Caustic Where Did It Go
8 Elspeth Tremblay & The Treatment Backseat
9 The Rocketz I'll See You Again Some Day
10 California f Les Fradkin I Could Make It Last Forever
11 Tony Marsico Sleepwalker
12 Fever Dog We Want Action
13 Star Collector Attack, Sustain, Decay
14 The Anderson Council Alone With You
15 Cory M. Coons Trail of The Chosen One
16 Leather Catsuit Piece Of The Pie
17 Len Price 3 Dorolea
18 The Short Fuses Drop That Needle
19 Flechettes We Shall Find Out
20 Ian Hunter Defiance
21 Ben Folds Winslow Gardens
22 Answerman No Complaints/ Black Heart
23 Skarlett Roxx Call Me Crazy
24 The Let's Go's Let's a Go Go
25 Tetsuko End of Philosophy
26 John Michael Ferrari Masquerading in the Night
27 Herald K Circe
28 Chris Church Flip
29 Aarythmers Never Stop
30 Anastasia Elliot Bones
31 pMad Fire
32 Kathryn Shipley Hope Wins
33 Louise Post Guilty
34 Slick D Confess
35 Stay For Tomorrow Kings And Queens
36 Portobello Express This Hate I Feel
37 This Is War Mona Lisa
38 Aysanabee Nomads
39 Unrest Over Affinity Pull Me Under
40 Gino Ferraro Run
41 Richie Ramone Master Plan
42 RTZ High N Low
43 Hello Roses You/Little Sister
44 Beyond Vegas Oh Yeah Alright
45 Bamil The Ballad of Stan Mills (The Nature Man)
46 Break Out The Crazy Higher
47 Thought Patrol Coyote Fever
48 8$Rum (feat. Melani Cholie) Bad Echoes
49 Suburban Urchins Zed Girl
50 Michael O. Japa
51 Viking Queen Valhalla Can Wait
54 The High Frequencies Eleven
55 The Amplifier Heads Underground
56 The Shang Hi Los Aces Eights & Heartbreaks (
57 Moving Lines Secrets
58 Francesca T Music My Runaway
59 Love Asylum Trick of the light
60 Visionography Music What Just Happened
61 Alexa Valentino Borderline
62 Quest For Tuna Toaster Oven
63 DavidA Sacrilege
64 David Childers & The Serpents f Grey Delisle Blanketts
65 Mad Painter Illusion
66 Silke Berlinn Fantasy
67 Muck and the Mires Break It All
68 Bobcat The Mighty Atom
69 Martin Saint Last Lights
70 ON Break You
71 Three Second Changes Let Me Down
72 Hurricane Highway Road Trip
73 Howzat Burn
74 The 30th of February Nu Wave
75 The Metal Byrds The Chase

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