Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: June 14, 2021

1 Smitt E Smitt & The Feztones Tall Man Dreams
2 Hayley & The Crushers Cul De Sac
3 The Chelsea Curve Don't Look Down
4 Let's Go's Frontier
5 Velvet Starlings Back Of The Train
6 Johnathan Pushkar Any Second Now/Does What She Does
7 Dave Molter Let Me Down Easy
8 Linnea's Garden Replacement/Science and You
9 Justine & The Unclean Scorpion Bowl To Go
10 Slamdinistas Cut Me Some Slack
11 David Brookings I Grow Up Fast
12 Murv Douglas Sarah Toe 9
13 Soda Cracker Jesus My Anthem
14 Shambles Everybody's Looking at You
15 Bamil I Can Hear You
16 The Cudas Autorama
17 Jose Ramirez Whatever She Wants
18 The Metal Byrds Life of the Party
19 Deap Valley featuring Jennie Vee I Like Crime
20 Katurboi/Fahrenheit Felony Fella Country Time
21 Molly Nilsson Hey Moon!
22 Brand New Zeros This Love
23 Shamisenists Isola Remota
24 Hickeys 1st One
25 Cold Expectations Summer Dress
26 Guy Paul Thibault I Don’t Wanna Hurt
27 Slackrr Waves
28 Ilona Lowe Someday
29 John Taglieri Talking To Myself Out Loud
30 Crystal Tides Come Down
31 The Sonic Overlords Utopia
32 Dummy Afterthought
33 Will Ludford All I Wanted Was You
34 The Umbrellas She Buys Herself Flowers
35 Caper Clowns Alec In A Line
36 Dave Duplissey Let's Go Downtown
37 Ali In The Jungle Star-Strangled Hanna
38 Pepe and the Bandits Lessons in Life
40 The Archies Sugar Sugar
41 Scott Winder The Remedy
42 H27 The Soulless Highway
43 Gold Frankincense and Myrrh Were Where You
44 Single by Sunday Hey Boy
45 Teenage Wrist New Emotion
46 The Handcuffs Love Me While You Can
47 Descendents Nightage
48 Nez Tha Villian Million Pieces
49 Anate Rio
50 Self Titled Album Succumb to Nothing
51 Euphoria Station Content
52 Tough On Fridays Cabin Fever
53 Los Chicos I Don't Wanna Work Anymore
54 The Dogmatics Saturday Night Again
55 Uncle Greedy Music Has The World Burned Down Tonight
56 French Girls Summertime
57 Kimberley Rew & Lee Cave-Berry Penny The Ragman
58 Brad Marino Local Show
59 Checkered Hearts My Best Friend's Girl
60 Routes Be My Jane
61 Marvin Etzioni What’s Goin On
62 Louis And The Shakes On One
63 The Catholic Girls The Only One
64 Geoff Palmer Many More Drugs
65 Vince Melouney Watch Your Step
66 Reluctant Zero Hurt No More
67 Inhaler Cheer Up Baby
68 Nige Silvestri A Thing of Beauty
69 Julianne Wurden Poison
70 Richie Mayer She's Taking It Too Well
71 The Haciendas Those Are The Days
72 Go Dog Go Party Parade
73 The Cynz Let Me Go
74 Suburban Urchins Born In The Suburbs
75 Kid Gulliver Beauty School Dropout
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