Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: January 31, 2022

1 Thrift Store Halo Not Too Late
2 Eileen Gogan with Sean O’Hagan Wave
3 Minnesota Voodoo Men That is Rock n Roll/For Your Love
4 Miss Georgia Peach Back Side Of Dallas
5 Velvet Starlings Can’t Control
6 Ruby Moss If You Are
7 Murv Douglas Just Waiting
8 Screeching Weasel Back of Your Head
9 The Amplifier Heads SaturnalienS
10 The Furys Glitter Bomb/Anna Come Home
11 The Mophing People Be Myself
12 Shanda & The Howlers Miles and Miles
13 Lynne Campbell/Martin McColgan Tell Me Why Gone
14 Star Collector Green Eyes
15 Jim Chesnut I Sure Do Miss My Hair
16 Regent Yes It’s Love
17 Beat Angels Stay With Me
18 Keeley Never O'Clock
19 Audrey Bridgeman Brighter Future
20 Likkle Mai Hikiki Mogomo
21 Radio Drive Thank You
22 Richard Lynch Radio Friend
23 The Grip Weeds Making Time
24 New Revolution Stay At Home Pessimist
25 Brad Marino Girl, I Want You
26 Broken Romeo Beautiful Mistake
27 The Anxiety Meet Me At Our Spot
28 Dany Laj and The Looks Mister Screaming Attitude
29 Tommy Gunn Band Let Me Go Back
30 Parcels Theworstthing
31 Sophie Doyle Rider Hunni Hunni
32 Emma Kelly Loving You
33 Warpaint Champion
34 Northern Revelation Lost Souls
35 HFDT Chante (feat. Jaj & sylvain roverotto)
36 Mishappenings I Met Her in a Vape Shop
37 Toolman I Gotta B*tch
38 Spoon The Hardest Cut
39 The Pears You're Boring
41 Raja-Nee' Love In A Groove
42 61 Ghosts Meant So Much
43 Fast Eddy Milwaukee
44 Etta Marcus Hide & Seek
45 The Ghibertins Ropes & Kites
46 Speedfossil You Got a Lot Of Nerve
47 MEXICAN DOGS Run, Run, Run
48 Mitch Kramer Hate and War
49 Poploader Summerboy Blues
50 Dave Molter Approaching End of Usable Life
51 Lukas Setto Here You Are
52 Chloe Collins Red Looks Good on Me
53 Jessica James Music Out of My Depth
54 Richie Mayer Come Back Caroline
55 H-Star And What
56 Whoa Thunder Stars & Space Junk
57 Chris Jones Band The Way
58 Courettes So What
59 The Black Angels Don’t Fall Down
60 Jennifer Alvarado Betting On Love
61 Phantom Lady Tattoo On My Heart
62 D. Cullen RADIO
63 Michael Valentine Brave
64 Peach Pit Up Granville
65 Glowbox Screaming at The Sky
66 Bamil Path Of Time
67 Hayley & The Crushers Click and Act Now
68 The Mullens What You Deserve
69 Victoria Eman Holding Out For You
70 Les Fradkin Turn to The Movement
71 Chase Brand New
72 The Mash Betty Blue
73 Flechettes Make Your Mistakes
74 Laurie Biagini I'm Doing Fine
75 BREGO Fallen for You
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