Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: January 24, 2022

1 Eileen Gogan with Sean O’Hagan Wave
2 Shanda & The Howlers Miles and Miles
3 Likkle Mai Hikiki Mogomo
4 Ronnie Spector Back to Black
5 Screeching Weasel Back of Your Head
6 Thrift Store Halo Not Too Late
7 The Amplifier Heads SaturnalienS
8 Murv Douglas Just Waiting
9 Fadeaways How Do You Feel
10 The Furys Glitter Bomb/Anna Come Home
11 Lynne Campbell/Martin McColgan Tell Me Why Gone
12 Neighborhood Brats I Want You (Joan Jet)
13 Cat Dowling In The Dark
14 Katie Gallagher The Canal
15 Dave Calley Girl
16 Star Collector Green Eyes
17 Neil March & The Music of Sound Music to Plan Towns to
18 Misty Blues (with Justin Jones) Freight Car
19 Street Arts Project Wake Me Up Tomorrow
20 MEXICAN DOGS Run, Run, Run
21 Mitch Kramer Hate and War
22 Fast Eddy Milwaukee
23 Jim Chesnut I Sure Do Miss My Hair
24 Winachi Characters
25 Calling All Astronauts Reason
26 Kelsey Bovey Vinyl
27 Peach Pit Up Granville
28 Moses Happy Birthday Payday
29 Spoon The Hardest Cut
30 David D’Alessio Before Tonight
31 Les Fradkin Turn to The Movement
32 The Luka State Oxygen Thief
33 Arkells Arm in Arm
34 Artsick Look Again
35 The Ormidales West Of Eden
36 fatherfigures Deadly Serious
37 Barbie Wills Dymond Dark Places
38 Katanak Pinch Grip
39 Dave Molter Approaching End of Usable Life
40 Chloe Styler Consider Me Gone
41 Keeley Never O’Clock
42 The Grip Weeds All Tomorrow's Parties/Making Time
43 Prodigal Find My Way
44 The Monkees Valleri
45 Gulf Stream Riders Sharks, Aliens, Etc.
46 Sophie Doyle Ryder Hunni Hunni
48 Troyen All That Glitters
49 Stupidity feat Keith Streng On The Run
50 Dave Hunt Funky Stew
51 Johnson Livingstone Jessah
52 Wayne Warner You’re In My Blood
53 Bamil Path Of Time
54 Arteffect Vjetar
55 Raw Terra Every Little Bit
56 KinStrife Intervention
57 Jody & The Jerms Heavenly
58 Telefís Mister Imperator
59 Poploader Summerboy Blues
60 Hayley & The Crushers Click and Act Now
61 Shebangs Love in Vain
62 Chris Jones Band The Way
63 Marc Platt Dream In Black & White
64 pMad Who Am I
65 Smash Into Pieces Not Waiting For Heaven
66 Colm Gavin Music I Always Will
67 Michael Gaither We're the Elders Now
68 Chloe Collins Red Looks Good on Me
69 Marc Ocram I'm Learning
70 Rodney Collins I Can Tell By The Way You Dance
71 Tommy Gunn Band Let Me Go Back
72 Pat McCurdy Sense Of Humor
73 Nightblade Feeding the Reel
74 Speedfossil Luckiest Man in the World
75 Small Town Sindrome To Nothing At All
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