Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: January 25, 2021

1 Linda Lindas Claudia Kinshi/Monica
2 Hayley and The Crushers Church of Flag
3 Genya Ravan featuring Nile Rodgers I Who Have Nothing
4 Bamil How Love Must Be
5 The Shang Hi Los Stay/Skipping Records
6 Schenk Insecurity
7 Devil Love Gold Currency
8 The Dogmatics Thayer St.
9 The Handcuffs Love Me While You Can
10 Thee Holy Brothers Lift You Up
11 Pat McCurdy Now Is Not The Time For Sad Songs
12 Dave Molter It Was You/Mid-Century Man
13 BUZZED & LOADED At Your Door
14 Franky & Wendy Dream On Me/Running Away
15 The Comebacks Wasted Years
16 Ken Sharp Liquid Mercury
17 Mac Gayden Come Along
18 Randy C. Moore Refuge
19 Lisa Coppola Simon’s Kiss
20 Crystal Canyon Band Anomaly
21 Regent Just a Revolution
22 Muck and the Mires Strange Waves
23 Parsley Sound Ease Yourself and Glide
24 Diabology The Softest Grave
25 The True Loves First Impression
26 Clairo Sofia
27 Chasin' The Train Exit Wounds
28 Barry international This Thing Called Love
29 Limberlost Good Fight
30 Derrell Thomas Thank You Lord
31 Nomad Anthem Wake Up Call
32 Black Star Jackals Party People
33 CORE Save Me
34 Wicked Smile Killer At Large
35 The Fifth Estate Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead
36 The Dead Freights Fever And The Thunder
37 B Rocking 10 Priscillas Mirror
38 The Monkees I’m A Believer
39 Jimmy Parker Margarita Memory
40 Blondfire Marigold
41 Mogwai Ritchie Sacramento
42 Stuart Pearson I Spoke To The Devil About You
43 Gale Force Crash and Burn
44 Zacthelocust Leap In The Dark
45 Descendents That's The Breaks
46 Joe Louis Walker and Eric Gales Blues Comin’ On
47 The Cancellations Katy
48 Church of Trees ft Carole Pope World’s A Bitch
49 False Heads Twenty Nothing
50 3Mind Blight ft. Shimmer Johnson Finding Peace
51 Healthy Junkies Streets Of Olympia
52 Shadows of Knight Wild Man
53 Lyerr Doctors Orders
54 Extra Arms Election Day
55 Thorazines with Hayley Crusher Spin Around
56 Frankenfido Watcher on the Wall
57 Gallows Pole Point of No Return
58 Another Bad Example My Worst Enemy
59 Public Practice Compromised
60 Topographies See You As You Fall
61 Katie Ellie Miss Lionheart Official
62 Mandalla’s Band You’re Gonna Burn
63 Reverent Cavaliers Dancing In The Sun
64 Swim The Chase
65 Chay Snowdon Loud Shirts
66 False Heads Twenty Nothing
67 Petsche Raines I Do
68 Steve Garcia Feeling Down
69 Falcone Rising Brother
70 Gene Loy Life Goes On
71 The Vapour Trails Underneath Tomorrow
72 A Bunch of Jerks The Dead
73 Mary Ann Kirt Hurricane
74 Ambrose Promise Land
75 Guy Paul Thibault Running On Empty
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