Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: February 1, 2021

1 Genya Ravan featuring Nile Rodgers I Who Have Nothing
2 Hayley and The Crushers Church of Flag
3 Muck and the Mires This Time I Know I’m Right/Strange Waves
4 Linda Lindas Claudia Kinshi/Monica
5 The Dogmatics Thayer St.
6 Dave Molter It Was You/Mid-Century Man
7 Kid Gulliver Beauty School Dropout
8 The Dirty Truckers Dealers Choice
9 Dolph Chaney Cuddle Party / Now I Am A Man
10 Bamil How Love Must Be
11 Pat McCurdy Now Is Not The Time For Sad Songs
12 Nikki Hill Heavy Hearts, Hard Fists
13 Devil Love Gold Currency
14 BUZZED & LOADED At Your Door
15 Franky & Wendy Dream On Me/Running Away
16 Timothy Craig Forever In Your Arms
17 Schenk Insecurity
18 Ian M. Bailey Feat Daniel Wylie Take It Or Leave It
19 Regent Just a Revolution
20 Bastille Survivin'
21 Lisa Coppola Simon’s Kiss
22 Hicktown Breakout Get Your Boots On
23 Derrell Thomas Thank You Lord
24 The Theme Live Come Down Is Harder
25 The True Loves First Impression
26 Feed Your Wolves I’ve Been Waiting For You
27 Radial Red Time Out
28 Emily Zuzik Trouble
29 Plastic Lemon Sick
30 Cliff Wheeler Band Trouble Is
31 The Panda Peeple Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep
32 Public Practice Compromised
33 Kamino Royale Absent
34 D!LLON Cold
35 Bailey James Swore I Was Over It
36 Phil Angotti The Lamp
37 Regent Just A Revolution
38 Das Kapitans Rooftops
39 William Sadler The Key of C
40 Gale Force Crash and Burn
41 Petawane Love Soldier
42 The One Eyed General's Bandit The Belly Of The Beast
43 Dixie Alley Stronger
44 Kim Cameron Tip Toe Halo Dub
45 The Black Flamingos The Gurch
46 Jim V Paradise
47 In Peril The Life Of Gary
48 Jose Antonio Mendez Mil Congojas
49 Mr Benn (Ft Tlya X An) Strangers
50 Afternoon People Sovereign
51 CEJ Honey on the Mind
52 The Handcuffs Love Me While You Can
53 Thorazines with Hayley Crusher Spin Around
54 The Jacklights Winter
55 Marc Platt Looking For A Change
56 If By Whiskey Amorous You
57 Raveis Kole Into Me You See
58 Jimena Arroyo Candle And Spark
59 Tracy Millar Loretta’s Moonshine
60 Ambrose Nothing Left To Lose
61 The Lucky Face Different Times
62 Through Infinity Still Not Enough
63 Neil and Adam Bright Lights
64 Rebecca Lappa Lady Godiva
65 Jenny Vee Out for Blood
66 The Ultra 4 I Like Your Vibe
67 Glass Animals Heat Waves
68 Blondfire Marigold
69 Model Society I Spy
70 Frankenfido Watcher on the Wall
71 Gallows Pole Point of No Return
72 Jimmy Parker Margarita Memory
73 Erik Voeks and The Ghosters Suck It Up, Buttercup
74 The Cancellations Katy
75 The Rotanas Spinner
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