Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: January 17, 2022

1 The Grip Weeds All Tomorrow’s Parties
2 David D’Alessio Before Tonight
3 Keeley Never O’Clock
4 The Furys Glitter Bomb
5 Cheap Cassettes Your I's Are too Close Together
6 Chloe Styler Consider Me Gone
7 Dave Molter Approaching End of Usable Life
8 The Amplifier Heads SaturnalienS
9 Murv Douglas Just Waiting
10 Les Fradkin Turn to The Movement
11 Raw Terra Every Little Bit
12 The Dogmatics Automat Kalashnikov
13 The Ronettes (The Best Part Of) Breaking Up
14 Jack White Taking Me Back
15 Fontaines D.C. Jackie Down the Line
16 Colm Gavin Music Firebird
17 Speedfossil Luckiest Man In The World
18 Eileen Gogan with Sean O’Hagan Wave
19 JoceLien ft Shac Diamond In The Rough
20 The Static Age Judy's The Last Punk
21 Pete and Tom on Song Live Fast
22 Smash Into Pieces Not Waiting For Heaven
23 Jim Chesnut I Sure Do Miss My Hair
24 Lady Lunatic Purse Full of Stones
25 TolbertToz We Run
26 Wayne Warner You’re In My Blood
27 The Linda Lindas Oh!
28 Fast Eddy Take A Look
29 The Mophing People Be Myself
30 TEKE::TEKE Kala Kala
32 Atomic Gimme Your Love
33 Salvation Jayne Diadem
34 Ian Donaldson All I Have Is Forever
35 Jack Oblivian Bank Gun Jail
36 Ernie Andrews On A Clear Day You Can See Forever
37 Hayley & The Crushers Click & Act Now
38 Justine’s Black Threads Go Downtown
39 Lee Harrington & Lynda Mandolyn Real Love
40 The Weeknd Less Than Zero
41 District 13 Step Into The Fire
43 The Chelsea Curve Don’t Look Down/A Better Way
44 Randy Scott Daydreams ft Cindy Bradley
45 Katanak Pinch Grip
46 Beck Black Transmission
47 Skillet Standing In The Storm
48 Kid Kapichi Feat. Bob Vylan New England
49 Screeching Weasel Turn It Around
50 The Galileo 7 The Man Who Wasn’t There
51 MA© HE®TZ Matrice Active
52 Grant Hill & MOS Moonshine
53 Pat McCurdy Sense Of Humor
54 Star Collector Game Day
55 Alex Gavaghan and the Boss Jockeys Days On It
56 Marian Crole Kinds Of Love
57 Sarah McQuaid The Tug of the Moon
58 Johnny Marr Hideaway Girl
59 McDermott & North All Things Come and Go
60 Thrift Store Halo Not Too Late
61 Bamil Path Of Time
62 Dave Calley Girl Problems
63 3Mind Blight Silenced by the Sound
64 Josh Caterer The SPACE Sessions
65 Flechettes Make Your Mistakes
66 Swedish Magazines Bottles & Barstools
67 Van Walker Above as Below
68 Marc Platt Howling at the Moon
69 Louise Killeen Charming Hands
70 Aza Brown The Way That I Roll
71 Blushing The Fires
72 Hurricane Highway All Time Favorite
73 Jessica James Music Out of My Depth
74 FADEAWAYS Explosivo
75 Jupiter In July Dead
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