Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: February 14, 2022

1 Louise Goffin I Saw The Light
2 Keeley Never O'Clock/To A London Sunrise
3 THE LET'S GO's In My Head
4 Jim Basnight Opportunity Knocks/Still a Part Of Me
5 Kid Gulliver You'll Never Know
6 Grey DeLisle Valentine
7 The Grip Weeds I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)
8 Michael Kane & The Morning Afters Dark Nights
9 Pat McCurdy Sense Of Humor
10 Murv Douglas Just Waiting
11 Dave Molter Approaching End of Usable Life
12 Velvet Starlings Can’t Control
13 Les Fradkin Reality
14 Dollyrots Dancing with Myself
15 Linnea’s Garden Looking
16 George Finizio Mirage
17 The Furys Anna Come Home
18 Eric Bolton Hello Angels
19 The Lumineers Brightside
20 The Sign California Dreaming
21 Victoria Eman Holding Out For You
22 Jim Chesnut I Sure Do Miss My Hair
23 Shanda & The Howlers Used To Call Me Baby
24 The Art Crimes Band Guy Like You
25 Vito Lalinga (Vi Mode Inc Project) Yesaye
26 Keiketsu 経血 Piercing
27 Jennifer Alvarado Curious
28 Hermit's Maze Lumiancoma
29 James Sullivan Lea Bridge
30 David Minasian Summer's End
31 Toolman I Gotta B*tch
32 Dawn Rix Tennessee Miles
33 Blushing feat. Miki Berenyi Blame
34 Pete and Tom on Song Live Fast
35 Fiachna Ó Braonáin More Late Night Tales 01 Can You See It In Me
36 The Ergs Bill Moon (Live)
37 KO & The Knockouts Twistin Postman
38 The Cazeles The Narative
39 Eileen Gogan with Sean O’Hagan Wave
40 Miss Georgia Peach Back Side Of Dallas
41 Lynne Campbell/Martin McColgan Tell Me Why Gone
43 R&R Soul Orch Thank you Lord ft Veronica Daeh & Roger Byam
44 Venus Blake Tragedy
45 The Now Holy
46 Kailee Spark Tulips With Teeth
47 Noise Detectors Inc Push
48 One Way System 100 Days
49 Shelley Segal Sing
50 Tony Valentino Barracuda
51 Duck & Cover Attention Economy
52 3mind Blight Another Life
53 Raveis Kole Hurt
54 Screeching Weasel Back Of Your Head
55 Toothmarks Little White Lie
56 Bad Idea USA Shortcut
57 The Spiders Why Don’t You Love Me
58 The Trouble Seekers Cruel Summer
59 D. Cullen RADIO
60 The Rude Dudez Between Time And Space
61 Pete Kavanagh Music Sweet Friend
62 Jacks And Atoms In My Head
63 Professionals Easily Lead
64 The Shrubs Waves
65 Stereogirl Angel, Here We Come
66 Raw Terra Every Little Bit
67 Smash Into Pieces Deadman
68 Johnson Livingstone Jessah
69 The DHP The Darren Holland Project October
70 Sakuran Zensen Dog Breeding .犬畜生
71 Aaron McDonnell End Of The World
72 The Strawkites Cluster 2
73 Gary Carl Somewhere Beautiful
74 Hayley & The Crushers Click & Act Now
75 Justine's Black Threads No Tell Motel
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