Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: February 21, 2022

1 Eddie Spaghetti & Frank Meyer My Sharona
2 Paisley Black I Bet You Wish
3 Jim Basnight Opportunity Knocks/Still a Part Of Me
4 Nero Simon and The Sunsetters Treasure Chest
5 THE LET'S GO's In My Head
6 Keeley To A London Sunrise/Never O’Clock
7 Linnea’s Garden Looking
8 Les Fradkin Reality
9 Suzi Moon Gold Record Autograph
10 Murv Douglas Just Waiting
11 Thrift Store Halo Not Too Late
12 The Grip Weeds Louie Go Home
13 Kid Gulliver You'll Never Know
14 Lannie Flowers Summer Blue
15 J. Prozac Building Blocks
16 The Cure Pictures of You
17 Beach House Another Go Around
18 Jim Chesnut I Sure Do Miss My Hair
19 Grey DeLisle Valentine
20 Michael Kane & The Morning Afters Dark Nights
21 The New Icons The Temptation (Of St. Anthony)
22 Velvet Starlings Can’t Control
23 Orville Peck C'mon Baby, Cry
24 Jennifer Alvarado Curious
25 Chloe Collins Red Looks Good On Me
26 The Furys Anna Come Home
27 LIttle Simz Miss Understood
28 Keiketsu 経血 Piercing
29 AVA VOX Alone Again
30 Half Decent Palm Springs
31 The Long Stay Wait and See
32 Kings And Liars Hang on for Dear Life
33 Ronjo V Corpus Christi Bay
34 Øzwald Frankly Valley
35 Emma ft. Jozy Wellz Savin Souls
37 Sami Chohfi Little One
38 AMMO A Cold War City
39 Head Of Clay Dirty Lies
40 Barbie Wills Dymond Dark Places
41 Kenny Dubman Old Dog
42 Blue Stingrays Stingray Stomp
43 Yvonne J & Peter Pearson Daydreams
44 The Different Class Ping Pong
45 The Reds, Pinks & Purples Don’t Come Home Too Soon
46 Forgetting The Future Small Town Syndrome
47 Dog Company The Truth
48 Flood Stop The Bleeding
49 The Undertones Thrill Me
50 Buffalo Nichols Lost and Lonesome
51 The Amplifier Heads SaturnalienS
52 Star Collector Game Day
53 SBR Bone & Star Arrival
54 Shade Illusive Dreams
55 Josh Caterer The SPACE Sessions
56 Smitt E. Smitty & The Feztones Buzzkill Baby
57 Danny Wilkerson Wish I Could Hide Away
58 Miss Georgia Peach Back Side of Dallas
59 Modest Mouse Float On
60 Foals 2am
61 Caulbearers Twisted Cord
62 Soraia My Sharona
63 AVA VOX Alone Again
64 Aoife Doyle Music Love Conquers All
65 Jennifer Mlott Trouble Time
66 Krayolas Matter of Time
67 Stereogirl Angel, Here We Come
68 LIKKLE MAI Net Yokocho
69 The Alphabetamines Drink Too Much
70 Dean Landew Cathi D’Silva
71 Mickey Leighs Mutated Music No Fun Anymore
72 Yee Loi Blitzkreig Bop
73 Sakuran Zensen Dog Breeding .犬畜生
74 Skreen 6 Rockin’ Head
75 Eck's Men Conspiracy Theories
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