Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: August 7, 2023

1 Tamar Berk If You Know, u Know/A Drop In The Bucket
2 Smitt E. Smitty & The Fezztones The Growler
3 Nikki Corvette Great Big Kiss
4 Powersolo If I Could Fly
5 Stop Calling Me Frank Ollie Ox"en Free
6 The Flashcubes Forget About You
7 Gary Kaluza I'm So High
8 Little Billy Lost Dance Angelina Dance
9 Fornis Too Much
10 Mourning Noise Green
11 Danny The K Sugar Rush
12 Star Collector Attack, Sustain, Decay
13 Meyerman Low Expectations
14 Hammered Saint DIrty Work
15 Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys Keep My Head
16 The Cynz I Need You
17 Grey Delisle Everybody’s Baby
18 Midnight Callers Come Dancing
19 The Heat Inc. Samson
20 Graham Parker & The Goldtops Sun Valley
21 Jynx w/ Beck Black Wanna Be Your Barbie Doll
22 Dr. X and The Breakups Mystery Machine
23 The Darcys Trouble Found Me
24 Film School All I’ll Ever Do
25 Louise Goffin Everybody's Got a Story To Tell
26 Lee Browning Ring From A Quarter Machine
27 Gundy Humphries You Gotta Love This Fool
28 Third Lung It’s A Long Way To The Top
29 Nick Frater Love Heist
30 Rosita Stone Music Hold My Heart
31 Tommy Rice Music Every Beat of My Heart
32 Uncle Watson's Widow Iron Fist
33 Veule fish in the pool
34 Little Dragon Lily's Call
35 Moebius & Renziehausen Upm
36 The Metal Byrds Stop Motion
37 Jack Gill, The Overlook Follow Me
38 Superhighwayman Black is the Coolest Colour
39 Slick D Prayer
40 The Great Heights Band Above The Water
41 Bethany Cosentino It’s Fine
42 Dylan Bailey Midnight Pulse
43 Derek Smith Everyday
44 Les Fradkin Spare Change
45 Panhead Sharps Worried Mind
46 Richard Duguay Beautiful Decline
47 Trey Calloway & Justin Biltonen Workin' Thang
48 DavidA Adrianna/Fun And Able
49 Muck & The Mires Cool Imposter
51 Hammered Saint Dirty Work
52 The Tearaways Are You Effing Kidding Me
53 The Amplifier Heads When We Go Home Again
54 Paula Carino Thundersnow
55 Trevor McShane Dizzy
56 River City Rejects 1891
57 Leather Catsuit Piece Of The Pie
58 Justine and the Unclean The Signal Light
59 KEELEY Seeing Everything
60 Kill My Coquette Manson Girl
61 John Michael Ferrari Who's That Girl?
62 The Foreign Films Cosmic Lover
63 Gary Kaluza I'm So High
64 The Blusterfields Tool Belt
65 The False Positives Leaves a Mark
66 Mary Strand Alexa Please
67 Edward O' Connell All My Sins
68 Johnathan Pushkar I Gotta Move
69 Jim Tyrrell The Harvard Line
70 Baywud Dynamite
71 Michael Botte Band New Rising Sun
72 Cosmic Blue Sweet Moments
73 Autumn Killers Cars
74 Whiffing The Peaches Blood is thicker than water
75 Stupidity Fortune Teller
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