Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: August 14, 2023

1 Star Collector Running Through The Rain
2 Tamar Berk If You Know, u Know/A Drop In The Bucket
3 Danny The K Sugar Rush
4 Midnight Callers Come Dancing
5 Smitt E. Smitty & The Fezztones The Growler
6 Stop Calling Me Frank Olly Oxen Free
7 Slamdinistas We Say Goodbye
8 Dean Landew Bye Bye Father Time
9 The Ormidales Take My Love With You
10 Mary Strand The Me I Need To Be
11 Kid Gulliver You're Gonna Cry/All Because of You
12 Doug Legacy Saturday's Child
13 Louise Goffin Everybody's Got A Story To Tell
14 Fornis Too Much
15 Mourning Noise Green
16 Dolph Chaney Mr. Eli
17 Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys Keep My Head
18 The 50 Kaitenz Teenage Shock
19 Bamil A Perfect World (Let’s Join Together)
20 Orbis 2.0 Selling The Van
21 The Weeklings Lola
22 The Heat Inc. This Thing Called Love
23 The Baron Four She
24 Meyerman Low Expectations
25 John Taglieri Part Time Love
26 The Hollywood Allstars Field Of Grace
27 Trevor Wishart Journey Into Space
28 Nikki Corvette Great Big Kiss
29 Wicked Envy Paralysis Demon
30 The Shop Window It’s a High
31 Film School All I’ll Ever Do
32 Moebius & Renziehausen Hydrator
33 The National Honor Society Control
34 Plastic Heart Your Mind
35 Slobberbone Your Excuse
36 Def Robot Revolution
37 Spencer Hatcher Like A Friday Night
38 Junkyard Heights When You're Cryin'
39 Hammered Saint DIrty Work
40 Grey Delisle Everybody’s Baby
41 Little Billy Lost Dance Angelina Dance
42 Gary Kaluza I'm So High
43 22 Oceans Puppets
44 LUXTHEREAL Cardboard Limousine
46 Nick Piunti Til The End Of The Day
47 DavidA Adrianna/Fun And Able
48 Trevor McShane Dizzy
49 Third Lung It’s A Long Way To The Top
50 Jennifer Mlott Showdown
51 Sonny Morgan Handwritten
52 Beck Black Puppet Show
53 Dead Pollys Straight No Chaser
54 GrimRock Shine
55 Graham Parker & The Goldtops Cannabis
56 KING Krule Hamburgerphobia
58 The Glimmer Stars Pictures Of You
59 Trenton Chandler Band I Came, I Drank, I Don't
60 The Hi-End I Need A Witness
61 Richard Duguay Beautiful Decline
62 The Young Hasselhoffs Dear Departed
63 Joe Strummer Trash City
64 The Blusterfields Tool Belt
65 Gary Kaluza I'm So High
66 Jessie Scarlet Runway
67 Lovina Falls On Your Side
68 Cat Valley Not Me
69 George Finizio Teardrops
70 Edward O' Connell All My Sins
71 Lemon Drop Gang Johnny Is a Jerk
72 The Weeklings I’m On Fire
73 The Flashcubes Forget About You
74 Little Roger Caught It On Video
75 Bethany Cosentino It’s Fine
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