Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: July 31, 2023

1 Danny The K Sugar Rush/Roller Derby Girl
2 Little Billy Lost Dance Angelina Dance
3 Kid Gulliver All Because Of You
4 Louise Goffin Everybody's Got A Story To Tell
5 Tamar Berk Drop In The Bucket/If You Know, u Know
6 The Heat Inc. Souvenir/Ultra Violence
7 The Routes The King Of Loose Ends/Shrunken Heads
8 Hammered Saint DIrty Work
9 Cherry Drops Magically Delicious
10 Grey Delisle Tomorrow (Without You)
11 Star Collector Attack, Sustain, Decay
12 Geoff Palmer Big Mouth
13 Paula Carino Thundersnow
14 Meyerman Low Expectations
15 Leather Catsuit Piece Of The Pie
16 DavidA Adrianna/Fun And Able
17 The Blusterfields Tool Belt
18 Joe Mansman & The Midnight Revival Band Empire State
19 Lynn Campbell ft Dan Washburn Romance Is Dead
20 Weimar Nights In Spanish Harlem
21 The Crushing Violets Superflower
22 The Lunar Keys 88 Train
23 John Powhida Knoxville
24 The False Positives Leaves a Mark
25 Trevor McShane Dizzy
26 Karl Ellis Run
27 Lee Browning Ring From A Quarter Machine
28 Soft Science Sadness
29 Sydney Irving I Don't Wanna Fight You
30 Shades of Gray Skin On Skin
31 The Steve Larkin Project Just Breathe It in
32 In Theory Stain On My Soul
33 ROJOR You're My One True Religion
34 Elio Mardini Tiny Oxford Bed
35 Yumi and the Weather No Time To Waste
36 Droneroom nothing of value is every truly lost
37 Les Fradkin Spare Change
38 Adam F Circles
39 Allegra Neve Rewind
40 Desolation Sound Warning Signs
41 Not Ned Not Gonna Sleep Tonight
42 Bethany Cosentino It’s Fine
43 Vonum Umbrella
44 Nine Mile Station Who Do You Love
45 Ripped Up Got the Joy
46 Paytron Saint Don't What To Know If You Are Alone
47 Johnathan Pushkar I Gotta Move
48 Justine and the Unclean The Signal Light
49 The Amplifier Heads When We Go Home Again
50 Kill My Coquette Manson Girl
51 Girl with a Hawk The Romantic
52 Slick D Prayer
54 The High Frequencies Eleven
55 Mary Strand Alexa Please
56 The Last of the Unknowns The Damage Is Done
57 The Weeklings I'm On Fire
58 The Tearaways Are You Effing Kidding Me
59 Edward O' Connell All My Sin
60 Suburban Urchins Zed Girl
61 Little Roger Caught It On Video
62 The Foreign Films Cosmic Lover
63 Coulton Brothers For You
64 The New Bardots Thrill of The Night
65 Velvet Starlings Bullfight
66 Midnight Callers New York Tramp
67 Stupidity Fortuner Teller
68 Christopher Peifer Best Around
69 The Ormidales I Think We Oughta
70 Silke Berlinn Deutscher Girls
71 Twilight Muse Forever
72 Rock Juice Lights On
73 Elspeth Tremblay & The Treatment Tourist
74 The Fiendz Down The Shore
75 The Faves Dirt Ain't Cheap
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