Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: August 21, 2023

1 Dean Landew Bye Bye Father Time
2 Tamar Berk Drop in the Bucket/If U Know, U Know
3 Danny The K Cigarettes & Silhouettes
4 The Beaters Band Goodbye Eddie Goodbye
5 Smitt E. Smitty & The Fezztones The Growler
6 Grey Delisle Everybody's Baby
7 Slamdinistas We Say Goodbye
8 Prozacs We Scream
9 Young Hasselhoffs Dear Departed
10 Mourning Noise Green
11 Fornis Too Much
12 The Ormidales Take My Love With You
13 The Weeklings Lola
14 Mary Strand The Me I Need To Be
15 Doug Legacy Saturday's Child
16 Velvet Starlings Turning Point
17 Cherry Drops Magically Delicious
18 The Flashcubes Forget About You
19 The Replacements Alex Chilton
20 Bamil A Perfect World (Let’s Join Together)
21 Hammered Saint Dirty Work
22 Star Collector Attack, Sustain, Decay...
23 Swansea Sound Twentieth Century
24 Trenton Chandler I Came, I Drank, I Don't Remember
25 Nikki Corvette Great Big Kiss
26 Little Billy Lost Dance Angelina Dance
27 King Cornelius and the Silverbacks Sheena (Queen of the Jungle)
28 John Taglieri Part Time Love
29 The Hollywood Allstars Field Of Grace
30 Sudler's Row Scorch the Earth
31 Yulia When Theres Nothing Left to Say
32 Mo Dalis Music Girls Everywhere Just Wanna Dance
33 Catia Dignard Around Jupiter
34 The Shed Project Ghost Town
35 Grinda Why
36 Chris Ianuzzi Distant Suns
38 Sumac Dub Thunder Shame
39 Chuck Disse Protected By Elite
40 LYHE Ascenssion
41 Fabyan Peng Bums Aus Die Maus
42 Cat Valley Not Me
43 Lovejoy Call Me What You Like
44 The 50 Kaitenz Teenage Shock
45 Yee Loi Dad's Money
46 Peter118 Rolling Stone
47 Dutch Tulips Gold Chain
48 The Lonely Together Talk About Anything
50 Convict Class Wank Sock
51 Patricia Barrett Life Without Your Love
52 Gary Alesbrook Rainfall
53 The Blusterfields Tool Belt
54 The Summertimes The Perfect Wave
55 Suburban Urchins Zed Girl
56 The Amplifier Heads When We Go Home Again
57 Kill My Coquette Manson Girl
58 Justine and the Unclean The Signal
59 Dois Padres Sasquatch Boogie
60 Melanie S Jane What is Real
61 Jennifer Mlott Showdown
62 Zoe Ko Rib Cage
63 Stop Calling Me Frank Olly Oxen Free
64 Midnight Callers Come Dancing
65 Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys Keep My Head
66 Louise Goffin Everybody's Got A Story To Tell
67 Sonny Morgan Handwritten
68 Gary Kaluza I'm So High
69 Lovina Falls On Your Side
70 Leather Catsuit Piece of The Pie
71 Christopher Peifer Best Around
72 The Tearaways Saturday Everyday
73 Meyerman Low Expectations
74 Silke Berlinn Deutscher Girls
75 Les Fradkin Spare Change
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