Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: April 4, 2022

1 Peyton Gilliland Devil's Daughter
2 The Dogmatics Drop That Needle
3 Tetsuko No Comment/Lazy Goddess
4 The Scaramanga Six Cults
5 Crystal Canyon Hindsight
6 Canyons and Locusts Arms on the Table
7 The Amplifier Heads Candi Starr
8 Thrift Store Halo World Behind
9 Murv Douglas Just Waiting
10 The Shang Hi Los Billy
11 Suzi Moon Gold Record Autograph
12 Sonic Whip Storm Is Over
13 The Grip Weeds Leg, Beg, Borrow and Steal
14 Malou Beauvoir The World Is Crying
15 KEELEY To A London Sunrise
16 Sleeze Sisters Time Bomb
17 The Crushing Violets Back to Neptune
18 Abbie Barrett w Greg Hawkes I Will Let You Know
19 Duck & Cover Memento Mori
20 Victoria Eman Good Behavior
22 Jennifer Alvarado Curious
23 Trevor Blendour Tough Guy
24 Cheap Cassettes Malnutrition
25 City Awake Who Needs a King?
26 Randy Stephens Music The Devil's in the Details
27 Walcot Another Man
28 Mad Painter ILLUSION SAM
29 Stevie Gox I Will Never Let You Go
30 Les Fradkin Everything is Wrong
31 DJ Phat Cat Owl Natives
32 Chip Z’Nuff Heaven In a Bottle
33 Caleb Mills Candles To Burn
34 Emma ft. Jozy Wellz Saving Souls
35 Camp Cope Jealous
36 The Dirty Truckers I Feel Nothing
37 Sam Kogon Find Out
38 Dead Pony Bullet Farm
39 The Flies Split In Two
41 Michelle Grimes Date Night
42 George Hennessy All or Nothing
43 Beat Angels Gutter Snobs
44 The Chelsea Curve Jamie C’mon
45 Emperor Penguin (f. Lisa Mychols) Let Me Take You On A Holiday
46 Cousin George New Years Resolution
47 Snow Coats Anyway
48 Linnea’s Garden Cut and Paste
49 Hayley & The Crushers Lust To Love
50 Paisley Black I Bet You Wish
51 Lady A Satisfyin
52 Seventh Day Slumber Death By Admiration
53 Tamar Berk Your Permission
54 Castella So Into You
55 Clueless Groundhog Day Groundhog Day Groundhog Day
56 Muse Compliance
57 JW Electric Candle Light
58 Jim Chesnut Willing Women
59 Danny Draycott Started Forever
60 Fantastic Negrito Oh Betty
61 Star Collector Game Day
62 Dan Vapid and The Cheats Escape Velocity
63 Nero Simon & The Sunsetters Forever
64 Susan Cattaneo All Is Quiet
65 The Ember Glows SHIVERS
66 The Newds The Street Leads To The River
67 Len Price 3 She Came From out of the Sun
68 Abby Butler Deja vu
69 Brendan Tallon Under Winter Skies
70 Shambolics Losing Your Mind
71 Marc Valentine Last Train Tonight
72 Stephanie Seymour There Was A Time
73 Kitchenkillaz Smile My Love
74 Little Boots Heavenly
75 Marquis Drive Hold On