Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: April 11, 2022

1 Local Drags Breakable
2 The Shang Hi Los Billy
3 Linnea's Garden No Bra
4 Cindy Lawson How It Feels
5 Soda Cracker Jesus Hoping For The Best
6 Peyton Gilliland Devil's Daughter
7 Crystal Canyon Hindsight
8 Hayley & The Crushers Lust to Love
9 Miss Georgia Peach Don't Stay Away
10 The Dogmatics Drop That Needle
11 Murv Douglas Just Waiting
12 Beck Black Transmission/Who's Gonna Save Rock and Roll
13 Abbie Barrett w Greg Hawkes I Will Let You Know
14 Chris Church I Wish I Could Say I Was Sorry
15 Brad Marino (She's) Doing Her Thing
16 The Clockworks Temper
17 Malou Beauvoir The World Is Crying
18 The SoapGirls Breathe
19 Chip Z’Nuff Heaven In a Bottle
20 Emperor Penguin Let Me Take You On A Holiday (feat. Lisa Mychols)
21 Bowfinger C’mon
22 Les Fradkin Everything is Wrong
23 Scooped Up Dyslexic
24 Late Starters NZ Quarter To Ten
25 Tommy Keyes Music Brandy Alexanders
26 The Chelsea Curve Jamie C’mon
27 Roberto Verastegui Poinciana
28 Juniper TURN TO YOU
29 Jennifer Alvarado Curious
31 Jessica Lynne Witty We're Not Even Drinking
32 Monty Vega & The Sittin' Shivas When You Show Up
33 Aoife Doyle Love Conquers All
34 The Hollywood Allstars FIELD OF GRACE
35 LIA HIDE Row Row Row
36 The Dirty Truckers I Feel Nothing
37 Jim Chesnut Willing Women
38 Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever The Way It Shatters
39 Pete Smith No Smoke Without Fire
40 Suzi Moon Gold Record Autograph
41 Chucky Trading Co Peace With the Devil
42 The Amplifier Heads Candi Starr
43 Canyons and Locusts Arms on the Table
44 The Newds The Street Leads To The River
45 Millie Manders And The Shut Up Not OK
46 Wet Leg Ur Mom
47 Seventh Day Slumber Death By Admiration
48 KEELEY To A London Sunrise
49 Thrift Store Halo World Behind
50 Kid Gulliver Beauty School Dropout
51 Tamar Berk Your Permission
52 Phil Walker In The Air Tonight
53 Star Collector Game Day
54 Docksuns Criminals
55 Cheap Cassettes Malnutrition
56 Marc Valentine Last Train Tonight
57 The Shed Project Friend
58 Nero Simon & The Sunsetters Forever
59 Crystal Tides I Don't Wanna Wait
60 RoseR Little Stitches
61 Telefis Mr. Impersonator
62 Howlin’ Threads Tick Tock
63 Nashville Pussy Come On,Come On
64 Reardon Love Enfant Terrible
65 Michelle Grimes Date Night
66 Hot Laundry Everyday
67 Mike Bell Cartel No Turning Back"
68 Jim Tyrrell French Toast
69 Second Player Score Beat Everyone
70 The Weeklings Baby Let Me Take You Home
71 Flechettes Carry Your Matches
72 Gypsy Moths Effortlessly
73 Gymnasium Tavern at The End Of The World
74 J Prozac Won't Let Go
75 Dean Landew Cathi D'Silva
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