Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: March 28, 2022

1 The Dogmatics Drop That Needle
2 Peyton Gilliland Devil's Daughter
3 Paisley Black I Bet You Wish
4 Hayley & The Crushers Lust To Love
5 Geoffrey Palmer Body Movin
6 The Shang Hi Los Billy
7 Linnea’s Garden Cut and Paste
8 Murv Douglas Just Waiting
9 Les Fradkin Everything is Wrong
10 Chris Church I Wish I Could Say I Was Sorry
11 Canyons and Locusts Arms on the Table
12 Josie Cotton Systematic Way
13 Len Price 3 Ready to Cry
14 Susan Surftone Hawaii Five-O
15 Joan Healy ON ITS WAY
16 Malou Beauvoir The World Is Crying
17 Jennifer Alvarado Curious
18 The Amplifier Heads Candi Starr
19 Bonobo Counterpart
20 Portugal Japan NOBODY WANTS, DO LOVE ME
21 Smitt E. Smitty & The Feztones Buzzkill Baby
22 Steven Cade Better Me
23 Tailor Made Rejects Ghosts of Paradise
24 The Dirty Truckers I Feel Nothing
25 Young Parisian SKOOL BOYZ
26 Superdrone Descent Into The Blue
27 Shane McCaul That Day
28 Richard Lynch Radio Friend
29 Trevor Blendour Don’t Mean Maybe
30 Waiting Til Three Couldn't Quite Cut It Again
31 Chucky Trading Co Sweet & Sour
32 Howlin’ Threads Tick Tock
33 Archie Shepp Quiet Dawn
34 MC Buddha MOMMAs Boy
35 Coin Chapstick
36 Automatic New Beginning
37 Beat Angels Misery Becomes You
38 Freya Beer Love Child
39 Orbis 2 Change The World
40 Flood Polarized
41 Serotones Nothing's What It Seems
42 BB&Q Band I Cant Stop Dancing
44 Mishappenings I Met Her In A Vape Shop
45 Shambolics Losing Your Mind
46 Tamar Berk Your Permission
47 Faz Waltz Hot Cold Fever
48 BETHY Like That
49 Superchunk Endless Summer
50 Speedfossil Livin The Dream
51 Thrift Store Halo World Begind
52 Nero Simon and The Sunsetters Forever
53 Tina and the Total Babes Why Do I Like You
54 The Impersonators Burning Blue
55 Skylights Outlaw
56 Belle and Sebastian Unnecessary Drama
57 Kailee Spark Cold Hands
58 David Vaters Missing You
59 Amongst Liars Cut It
60 The Drool Brothers Cool Kids
61 Suzi Moon Animal
62 Star Collector Game Day
63 Michael Kane and the After Hours Dark Nights
64 Kiwi Kannibal Swimmer Boy
65 The Banquets The Beautiful
66 Chloe Collins Red Looks Good On Me
67 Kung-Fu Girl Popping Out
68 The Sharona Aizu
69 Johnny Jetson Love Me For My Car
70 Sleep Overload Horror Film
71 Keeley Never OClock
72 Autoramas Boneco
73 The Tearaways Come On Jaan
74 Caitriona O'Sullivan Don’t Say Goodbye
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