Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: April 18, 2022

1 The Chelsea Curve Jamie C’mon/All In Time
2 Shang Hi Los Billy
3 Josie Cotton Fading Fast
4 Carla Olson I Can See For Miles
5 Soda Cracker Jesus Hoping For The Best
6 Local Drags Breakable
7 The Weeklings Baby Let Me Take You Home
8 Tetsuko No Comment
9 Louise Goffin Sacred Ground
10 Juniper Turn to You
11 Murv Douglas Just Waiting
12 The Dogmatics Drop That Needle
13 Linnea's Garden No Bra
14 Len Price 3 Waiting for the Trouble to Come
15 speedfossil Disconnected
16 Flechettes Carry Your Matches
17 J Prozac Won't Let Go
18 Willa Amai Smells Like Teen Spirit
19 Day Dreem Let’s Be Lonely
20 Emperor Penguin Let Me Take You On A Holiday (feat. Lisa Mychols)
21 Bowfinger C’mon
22 Byebyefish Light Flows
23 Scooped Up Dyslexic
24 Trevor Blendour Tough Guy
25 Tommy Keyes Music Brandy Alexanders
26 Wet Leg Ur Mom
27 Late Starters NZ Quarter To Ten
28 Hayley & The Crushers Lust to Love
29 Joey Wit Leave It To Me
30 Crystal Canyon Hindsight
31 Luna Kiss Lust For Blood
32 Toarn Absence
33 Smash Into Pieces Deadman
34 Peyton Gilliland Devil's Daughter
35 Chip Z’Nuff Heaven In a Bottle
36 Tinsel Avenue Waiting For You
37 Greenwich Trust
38 Bruno Rocco Blood Money
39 Jennifer Alvarado Curious
40 Macc Tiger Heels
41 Lyerr Next To you
42 Beat Angels Lost
43 Fishburn The Other Side
44 Monowhales CTRL^^^
45 Marc Valentine Last Train Tonight
46 Jim Basnight Hello Mary Jane
47 North Recovery
48 Les Fradkin Everything is Wrong
50 Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever The Way It Shatters
51 David Vaters Missing You
52 Dave Mascall Get Up Off Your Feet ft Mike King
53 Cosmic Ninja Snake Eyes
54 Ditsea Yella What’s Going On
55 Wrong Beach Annette's Got The Hits
56 Abbie Barrett w Greg Hawkes I Will Let You Know
57 Thrift Store Halo World Behind
58 The Darts Love Tsunami
59 Star Collector Game Day
60 Jim Chesnut Willing Women
61 Mike Wicked Pop
62 Bowfinger C’mon
63 Suzi Moon Gold Record Autograph/Animal
65 Beck Black Transmission
66 Malou Beuavoir The World Is Crying
67 Nero Simon and The Sunsetters Forever
68 Sun's Signature Golden Air
69 Young Parisian Skool Boyz
70 Nashville Pussy Come On, Come On
71 Fit for Rivals Wake the Dead
72 Double Fisted Carousel
73 Vendetta Love Walk Alone
74 Chloe Fredericks Don’t Come Back
75 Bonobo Counterpart
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