Top 75 Songs – Week: October 5, 2020

1 Justine & The Unclean Fourth Love
2 The Weeklings The Word
3 Signal 13 Band Make it Rain
4 Kid Gulliver Carousel
5 The Bookends Face The Facts/Mr. Know It All
6 The Yum Yums First Move
7 Dolph Chaney Rebuilding Permit
8 Geoff Palmer & Lucy Ellis Your Face Is Weird
9 The Tearaways Saturday Everyday/Charlie, Keith and Ringo
10 Lynda Mandolyn Portal To Your Heart
11 Jerry Lehane Fish
12 Jim Basnight Living The Way I Want
13 Shotgun Runners Lemonade Boy
14 Pats Pats Make up
15 The Short Fuses The Pink
16 The Darkstar Calling Shadow of Your Love
17 Franky & Wendy Dream On Me
18 Phyllis Johnson Someday
19 Kosmonauts Mr Nice Guy
20 Xodus830 feat. Lil Space 848
21 Freddie Dilevi Johnny Remember Me
22 Cromm Fallon Breathe The Air
23 Civic Green There Is Always A Light
24 Tetrao Urogallus Tetrao Urogallus
25 RavxN Chemical Dreams (Stay With Me)
26 Kamino Royale Live for the Rise, Die for the Fall
27 Juicypear Golden Sky
28 The Burning Headed to Hell
29 Grey Goes Black The Breaking Wheel
30 The Bottle Rockets Indianapolis
31 Future Islands For Sure
32 Whistlestop Rock Queen of The Drive-In
33 TJ Doyle Are You Listening
34 Dropkick 15th December
35 Victoria Eman I Never Had It So Good
36 Ian Jacobson Dizzy Dizzy
37 The Cynz Break the Hold
38 Tough On Fridays Out Of The Blue
39 Marshall Holland A Hand Holds A Bird
40 Jimmy Parker It’s Up To You
41 Velvet Starlings Bitter Pills
42 Bobhowla Midnight Fears
43 Firebrand Fragment
44 James Ethington III Becca
45 The Foreign Films A Letter To Our Future Selves
46 LutchamaK Won't Be Scared
47 Raggy Gold Abbie
48 Rooftop Screamers The Ladder
49 Bobby Gentry Okolona River Bottom Band
50 Randal Rutledge Loves Coming Up When The Sun Goes Down
51 Andrew L Shapiro I Melt With You
52 Buzz Cason and Sons Hardscuffle
53 Alisa Wood Little Sister
54 Sacred Warrior On Christ The Solid Rock
55 The Owen Guns The Ballad of Cheeto Hitler
56 The Go-Go's Speeding
57 Shanghai Blues Save Me
58 Bamil Inferno
59 Kurt Baker Over You
60 Project Revise Borderline
61 A Broken Silence At The End Of The Day’
62 SVI Levitation
63 Sleez Sisters Now Way
64 Cory M Coons Good Times Gone
65 Tom Alford Moving In To Love
66 The Rockyts All Of The Time
67 Nation Of Language The Wall & I
68 Kirk Adams Ever Fade
69 Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School Of Medicine Taliban USA
70 Dave Del Monte And The Cross County Boys One Dark Day
71 The Yearners Left Unsaid
72 Natalie Sweet I Still Want You
73 Feed Your Wolves Pressure
74 The Distance Project Everyday (Is Halloween)
75 Raveis Kole Angel From Montgomery
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