Top 75 Songs – Week: October 12, 2020

1 Natalie Sweet Lip Service/Another Bottle of Wine
2 The Shang Hi Los Sway Little PLayer
3 The Short Fuses The Pink
4 Marshall Holland When The Rain Comes
5 The Bookends Face The Facts/Mr. Know It All
6 The Yum Yums First Move
7 Dolph Chaney Rebuilding Permit
8 Geoff Palmer & Lucy Ellis Your Face Is Weird
9 The Midnight Callers It Won't Be Long
10 Kelly Muff Tokyo Bay
11 Signal 13 Band Make it Rain
12 Van Halen Panama
13 Richard Lynch He’ll Make Everything Alright
14 Justine & The Unclean Fourth Love
15 TJ Doyle Are You Listening
16 Franky & Wendy Dream On Me
17 Xodus830 feat. Lil Space 848
18 The Weeklings The Word
19 SVI Levitation
20 Magic Beans Evil Eye
21 Ex Norwegian And I Lover
22 Yukon Blonde Get Precious
23 The Cynz Break the Hold
24 Birrell Or Biscuit Music To Watch Lava Lamps
25 Kid Gulliver Carousel
26 Cold Water Swimmers Breaking Hearts
27 Toastie Walk On By
28 Regent Today
29 Farmacy Overtake Me
30 This Modern Next Time Around
31 Connan Mockasin I’m The Man, That Will Find You
32 The Monkees Valerie
33 ENTREE There's No Fairytale
34 Girls On The Road Surely As The Sun
35 Nation Of Language The Wall & I
36 Deep Love Foundation Got A Reason
37 Jimmy Parker It’s Up To You
38 Attic Theory Your Light
39 Glass Peaks Lift Me Up
40 Mick Blankenship Rule The World
41 Gallows Pole Point of No Return
42 The Metal Byrds Dreamin
43 Steven Wright-Mark Just A Dream
44 Psychopath Etiquette Life #9
45 Paradise Now Young Guns
46 The Kosmic Kicks Hippie Grenade
47 David Woods Life Marches On
48 Future Radio Fire With Fire
49 I Like Trains Desire Is A Mess
50 Buzz Cason & Sons Why
51 Rooftop Screamers The Ladder
52 Calum Jones MirrorGlass
53 The Go-Go's Speeding
54 Gallows Birds My Lambretta
55 Planet Waves Crazy
56 Folk Devils Forever
57 Dennis Cometti WAXIT
58 The Darkstar Calling Shadow of Your Love
59 Stryper Do Onto Others
60 Bertling Noise Laboratories She Hangs out
61 Sami Chohfi Extraordinary World
62 Faith Head Mindless Automatons
63 The Trend Vote For Me
64 Eels Baby Let's Make It Real
65 Dave Molter (ReallyNothin’New) Under The
66 Bright Eyes Forced Convalescence
67 The Errant Hair Laugh So Hard You Cry
68 Johnathan Pushkar I Call Your Name
69 Gold Needles No Reply
70 ANNA EISCH More/Less
71 Cromm Fallon Breathe The Air
72 Chuck Prophet Marathon
73 Sam Bartells Sign
74 Crushing Violets Sugar Cookie Sunday
75 Shotgun Runners Lemonade Boy
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