1Daisy HouseLet's Do It Again/Open Your Eyes
2Helen RoseOh Glory Be/Love and Whiskey
3Reckless Drifters Baby, We’re Really in Love
4Brad Marino C'Mon C'Mon C'Mon
5TJ DoyleHuman
6The WeeklingsIn The Moment
7Molly HanmerCome Back/Dead Happy
8SparksMissionary Position
9Young PresidentsThe One You Love
10CJ TeffnerFind The Magic
11Mr. CarnivoreKnees
12Ossian Smith Circus Maximus
13The TearawaysThat's Rock
14The Red ButtonGonna Make You Mine
15Lisa Coppola & Ray PowersInvincible
16Mack Meadows Somebody's Gotta Do It
17Ed Draz What Goes On
18JENNA NationTurning Back Time
19Jesse Cole James After All
20Jeff KossackThe Worst Scars
21Beautify Junkyards Aquarius
22Ministry of AngelsMental Health Day
23Linus Of Hollywood At All
24Machines Dream Battersea Transcendental
25In the Variant Monster
26Moscato Heaven Will Rock You
27LIFE Play That Funky Music
28ThrillkillerPassion Killer
29K7s Never-ending Love
30Autogramm Jessica Don't Like Rock N Roll
31Augie March The Long Wait And See
32The Pats Pats Hand Spinner
33OpelSand And Stone
348$Rum Hail The King
35Rvzoo And The Sugar Spun Elephant Band Lonely Desert Wind
36Circle Number Dot Final Hour
37Roger Street Friedman Shoot the Moon
38Skyy Theater Kirianna
39Victoria Eman ft IndyHawaii Aloha
40AcceptThe Rise of Chaos