1The WeeklingsIn The Moment
2Molly HanmerCome Back/Dead Happy
3The Spitfires Take Action
4JENNA NationTurning Back Time
5TJ DoyleSomething For YOu
7Zombie Garden ClubAnimals
8Helen RoseLove and Whisky
9The Red ButtonGonna Make You Mine
10Duncan Reid & The Big HeadsBombs Away
11Ministry of AngelsMental Health Day
12The Sweet Things Slather
13Daisy HouseLet's Do It Again
14VEER Come Clean
15CJ TeffnerFind The Magic/Behind Us
16The Young PresidentsFirst Time
17The TearawaysDo You Remember Rock n Roll Radio
18Linus Of Hollywood At All
19Rosegarden Funeral PartySeeing You Here and Now
20Jeff KossackThe Worst Scars
21Jesse Cole James After All
22Ivory Tower Project Gotcha’
23David Cardy Alive
24Soraia Wow
25Mack Meadows Somebody's Gotta Do It
26The After MidnightsA Sorrowful Toast
27Miles & Erica We Came Here To Work
28Phantom 5 Read Your Mind
29Moscato Heaven Will Rock You
30The Dead Side Infectious
31Grooove The System
33Reckless Drifters Baby, We’re Really in Love
34Edenthorne Hearts Still Beating
35K7s Never-ending Love
36The Gunboat DiplomatsManifest Destiny
37honeychainMessy Love
38Larre U-A No Answer
39Angra Horns High
40Anthony Kale Be Responsible