Top 40 Songs – Week: July 6, 2020

1 Jerry LeHane Kiss My Tatoo
2 Kid Gulliver I Wanna Be a Popstar
3 Jim Basnight Code To Live By/Tonight
4 Jay Allen & The Archcriminals Cry a Little Tear
5 Spygenius Café Emery Hill
6 Signal 13 Karma
7 Stephanies Zoombies Room
8 Dave Molter Mid-Century Man
9 Rooftop Screamers The Ladder
10 WhistleStop Rock Queen Of The Drive-In
12 Hicktown Breakout Roses
13 Hayley & The Crushers Angelyne
14 Gallows Pole Point of No Return
15 Cold Water Swimmers Be My Sunshine
16 Tom Charchuk Waiting For Work
17 Arkells Years in the Making
18 Council Rust To Gold
19 The Speedways The Day I Call You Mine
20 The Darkstar Calling Shadow of Your Love
21 Sydney Irving In Sin
22 You're Among Friends Why Do I Dwell On Things
23 Jenna Parr Those
24 Juke Johnson music Loving up a Storm
25 Ocean Hills Band
26 CELAVI Bite
27 Lady Blackbird Blackbird
28 The Winters Dream of Me
29 Michael Zuko Mesmerized
30 X 4th of July
31 Husk Heal with
32 Accelerators Summer's Here
33 Heroz Dawn Take Me Away
34 Tino Caine What Has Become Of You?
35 Matt McIvor Start
36 Tiny Fighter Devotion
37 Slyboots I Don't Know You Now
38 Black Man White Dig a Hole
39 Who Killed Nancy Johnson? Communist
40 Black Lilys Yalakta
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