Top 40 Songs – Week: July 13, 2020

1 Kid Gulliver I Wanna Be a Popstar
2 Natsuki Topaz
3 Jay Allen & The Archcriminals Cry a Little Tear
4 WhistleStop Rock Queen Of The Drive-In
5 Ed Ryan I've Got The Smile
6 The Yum Yums Can I Come Over
7 James Ethington III Becca/Sexy, Juicy, Bouncy
8 Signal 13 Stay With Me
9 Jerry LeHane Kiss My Tatoo
10 Nick Eng On Cloud 9
11 Dave Molter Mid-Century Man
12 Rooftop Screamers The Ladder
13 The Darkstar Calling Shadow of Your Love
14 Nightblade Steering The Wheel
15 Todd Barrow Girl Like You
16 Hangabouts Animal Suite
17 Cocktail Slippers Like A Song Stuck In My Head
18 Soraia Superman Is Gone
19 Matthew Millia Abruptly Old And Caffeinated
20 Arkells Years in the Making
21 The Maitlands Flotsam and Jetsom
22 Jenna Parr Those Eyes
23 Float Like A Buffalo Gone By Morning
24 The Winters Dream of Me
25 North of Never The River
26 Simple Sound Again
27 Jody And The Jerms Deeper
28 Hanni El Khatib ALIVE
29 Jess Kemp Matter of Time
30 Heroz Dawn Take Me Away
31 Terrificus Soft Hands
32 Raveis Kole Into Me You See
33 Mad Rollers I Need Your Love
34 Whirling Wheel Never Got Over You
35 Project X One
36 Cory M. Coons Leavin’
37 The Spring Pursuits
38 Bamil The Colors of The World
39 Heroz Dawn Take Me Away
40 Xup Cut You Open
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