1The BayonetsCrash Boom Bang
2The Sunset Spirit To Have It All
3Stage IIBroken
4The TearawaysGood Luck Lovin'/More Dollars Than Sense
5The Two Tens On Repeat
6Rod Melancon Lights of Carencro
7Raspin StuwartSmoke The Hookah
8Cosmo TopperGreen Tea Party
9Kannika Why Me
10Jeff Kossack No Life After You
11B.J. YoungYou're The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me
12Jerry HullPunky, I Love You
13Wild Wild Horses Demon Days(Do It All Again)
14This Years Ghost The Great Divide Of Head & Heart
15Joseph Lyle Sunday
16Anarcheon Clown Dipped
17Daisy HouseLanguages
18HoneychainMessy Love
19Life ft Otis VocalComing Home
20Young PresidentsErica (live)
21Raveis KoleDawn Breaks Through
22Mack Meadows Smilin' In the Islands
23Ada PasternakPerfectly Imperfect
24Rebeka Rain/Mick EvansVoice Across The Air
25Scarlet Canary Antidote
26Joe Symes & the Loving KindNo Turning Back
27Bittersweet Highway Black Cadillac
28The Brinksmen Rollercoaster
30Dustin ThomasFlawless
31Moon KidsSomething Spectacular
32Thrift Store Halo I'm Not Through
33Annemarie PicernoI Don't Know What Love Is
34Lannie Flowers Kiss A Memory
35Jaq MackenzieLady Of The Night
36Karma Dealers Roll Those Dice
37The GrumblersI'm a Sweet Girl
38The Nashville PieHoles Neon Boneyard
39Blythe Baines Stars
40Modern Sons Greed