Top 40 Songs – Week: July 17, 2017

1 The Tearaways Good Luck Lovin'/More Dollars Than Sense
2 The Bayonets Crash Boom Bang
3 Cosmo Topper Green Tea Party
4 Limberlost Music Babylon
5 Life ft Otis Vocal Coming Home
6 Rod Melancon Different Man
7 Ashley J I Dare Ya
8 The Sunset Spirit To Have It All
9 William the Conqueror Proud Disturber of the Peace
10 Storm Orchestra When I Touch Your
11 Adam Crossman Purple Kisses
12 Melissa Martin ft John LeCompt Hold On
13 Annemarie Picerno I Don't Know What Love Is
14 Mack Meadows Smilin' In the Islands
15 Lunar Rogue Another Night Another
16 Kannika Why Me
17 Triggah Believe
18 Young Presidents Erica (live)
19 Lana Wolf Love Being A 70’s Child
20 B.J. Young You're The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me
21 Raveis Kole Dawn Breaks Through
22 Brad Schecter Another Day
23 Daisy House Crossroads
24 The Two Tens On Repeat
25 William Control Analog Flesh In A Digital World
26 Joe Symes & the Loving Kind No Turning Back
27 Ray Powers Gotta
28 The VooDoo Kings American Lights
29 Matt Springfield Poplife
30 Penna Please Sir Buy A Garland
31 The Dead South Massacre Of El Kuroke
32 Raspin Stuwart Smoke The Hookah
33 Patsy Marie Saturday Night
34 Drone Epidemic Control
35 Honeychain Messy Love
36 Dustin Thomas Flawless
37 Lannie Flowers Kiss A Memory
38 Ada Pasternak Perfectly Imperfect
39 Silent Effect Rise
40 Rebeka Rain/Mick Evans Voice Across The Air
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