1Les FrictionKashmir
2Nia Wyn Do You Love Enough
3Rosegarden Funeral PartyBlitzkreig In Holland
4Gary StockdaleYou Don't Know
5Cats MeowBehind The Magic
6Jimmy CoburnOne of The Things
7The HoundsCall Me
8Thrift Store Halo Misadventure
9The TearawaysBaby Blue/Name That Tune
10TJ DoyleEverything/Living In Our Dream
11Roger Street Friedman Puffs of Smoke
12Bryce WastneyHummingbird (Fall at Your Feet)
13SparksMissionary Position
14The Empty Pockets Voices
15Rooftop Screamers w/Rob DaikerTalk About It
16Signs and Signals Raven
17Mere Women Drive
18Mo Troper Your Brand
19Lisa Coppola & Ray PowersInvincible
20Moscato Heaven Will Rock On
21Here Lies Eternal Dark Side of Me
22The Demon Rum Shut Up & Drive
23Victoria Eman ft Indy Hawaii Aloha
25The WeeklingsPaperback Writer
26Windowpane The More I Run
27Peter NgqibsFree Me
28Sin Circus Band Chemical Youth
29Sabrina Weeks & Swing Cat Bounce Bad Boys
30The Green Pajamas Kill The Power
31Sur Rod I Get What I Want
32Deborah Gee Risk
33Freedy Johnston Neon Repairman
34Renato Telles Sbeghen Late For The Last Waltz
35Blue Helix Aliens
36John Stowers Lovely Rainy Day
37Tim B Johnson Save Me
38Magic Hat Read Between the Lines
39Daisy HouseCrossroads
40CT SwanSomeday