1 Su Ko D Koi (Jpn) Festival Boy
2 TJ Doyle Everything/Living In Our Dream
3 Common Creatives Apathy
4 Mike Collins and Kyle Vincent Sign Me Up
5 The Hounds Call Me
6 The Tearaways Baby Blue/Name That Tune
7 Daisy House Crossroads
8 Wesley Fuller #1 Song
9 The Boleys Purple Skies
10 The Chats Nambored
11 Cindy Lee Berryhill Somebody’s Angel
12 Lisa Coppola & Ray Powers Invincible
13 Jimmy Coburn One of the Things
14 Mo Troper Your Brand
15 Renato Telles Sbeghen Late For The Last Waltz
16 K7s Never-Ending Love
17 Teresa Eggertsen-Cooke Fooled Again
18 Soraia Wow
19 The Weeklings Paperback Writer
20 Bogan August King of Lust
21 Emissary Echo Maker
22 Easy Wanderlings Enjoy it While it Lasts
23 Victoria Eman ft Indy Hawaii Aloha
24 Anthony Kale Be Responsible
25 My Blue Sky Come and Go Blues
26 Commander Boom Lite The Fuse
27 honeychaIn Crushed
28 Sur Rod I Get What I want
29 Pink Cream 69 Man of Sorrow
30 The Green Pajamas Kill The Power
31 JENNA Nation Drunk and Dreamin'/Forever
32 Thrift Store Halo World Gone Mad
33 Les Friction Make Believe
34 Andy Michaels Angel
35 The 50 Kaitenz (Jpn) 11:55
36 The Crazy Squeeze Ooh Baby I Love You
37 The Stanleys Amy
38 Judy Nazemetz A Song For Mary
39 Ada Pasternak Hope
40 Marc Platt Woman of The World