Top 40 Songs – Week: January 1, 2018

1 TJ Doyle Everything/Living In Our Dream
2 Nia Wyn Do You Love Enough
3 The Tearaways Baby Blue
4 The Hounds Call Me
5 Blue Helix Anti-Social Butterfly
6 Mike Collins and Kyle Vincent Sign Me Up
7 Emiko Hold Onto Hope
8 JENNA Nation Forever
9 Tony Exum Jr What's Her Name
10 K7s Never-Ending Love
11 Art Podell Blame It On the Russians
12 Sparks Missionary Position
13 Rebeka Rain I’m Waiting
14 Wesley Fuller #1 Song
15 Ego Toxic Move On
16 Amyl & The Sniffers 70’s Street Munchies
17 Helicase Bonsai
18 Black Bone Nation Kick to the Teeth
19 The Weeklings Paperback Writer
20 Young Presidents Erica
21 Rebecca Hosking Between Me And The Moon
22 The 50 Kaitenz (Jpn) 11:55
23 J.T. Lehtonen Land Of Dust
24 Eternal Temples Salt in the Wound
25 Tom Glide and Hil St Soul Soul Train
26 Late Night Savior Photograph
27 Katie Ellie Miss Lionheart
28 Cult of Wedge Pop Muzak
29 Jerry Hull *Special World Premiere Song
30 Palmyra Delran Coal in My Fishnet Stocking
31 ESOEBO Suffer No More
32 honeychain Messy Love
33 Cindy Lee Berryhill Somebody’s Angel
34 The Sunset Spirit To Have It All
35 Cosmo Topper Green Tea Party
36 Daisy House Languages
37 The Stanleys Amy
38 Paper Mache Kisses Shattered
39 Su Ko D Koi (Jpn) Festival Boy
40 Justine and The Unclean Passive Aggressive Baby
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