1 The Tearaways Bash/Baby Blue
2 The Red Button Can't Let Candy Go
3 Daisy House Crossroads
4 Renato Telles Sbeghen Late For The Last Waltz
5 TJ Doyle Anonymous
6 JENNA Nation Forever
7 Ada Pasternak Perfectly Imperfect
8 Felix Hagan And The Family Attention Seeker
9 Amyl and The Sniffers 70's Street Munchies/I'm Not A Loser
10 Guy Paul Thibault Misdemeanor
11 Somerdale The Coolest Kid In The Room
12 Thrift Store Halo I'm Not Through/World Gone Mad
13 Kannika I'm Watching You
14 Katie Gallagher Longford
15 SUNDAYS Passenger Choir
16 Paper Mache Kisses Breathless
17 Paper Mache Kisses Stop Giving Me Pretty Things
18 Mike Collins and Kyle Vincent Sign Me Up
19 Sunshine Boys I Love Christmastime
20 Sonar Lights Wake Up
21 Rebecca Hosking Between Me And The Moon
22 Jeff Kossack No Life After You
23 LEMMO Alright
24 Audra Mclaughlin Boomerang
25 Maureen & The Mercury 5 The Keepin’ Kind
26 Ivory Tower Project Burning
27 Nia Wyn Do You Love Enough
28 Hipbone Truck 99
29 Cult of Wedge Pop Muzak
30 Life Play That Funky Music
31 The 50 Kaitenz (Jpn) 11:55
32 TOUTS Sold Out
33 Brian Kroll & My Son The Bum Goodbuye Psychotic
34 Third Of Never 506
35 honeychain Messy Love
36 Greta Van Fleet Safari Song
37 Cindy Lee Berryhill Somebody’s Angel
38 Cat Lundy Triggerman
39 Art Podell Blame It On the Russians
40 The Empty Pockets Voices