Top 40 Songs – Week: August 26, 2019

1 The Tearaways Manchester Girl/Sweet Sounds of Summer (w Ron Dante)
2 Johnathan Pushkar The Girl Next Door/Isabella
3 Acid Corrupt/Supercharger
4 Cinder Human After All
5 The Nixons Crutch
6 Vix 20 Hashtag Change
7 Sonoride Have Mercy
8 The Darts (US) Breakup Makeup / My Way
9 The Stan Laurels Lost & Found
10 Jeff Kossack Everything With You
11 Euringer (featuring Gerard Way) Sailor In A Life Boat
12 Dogmatics Gimme The Shakes
13 Anderson Council Our Worlds Collide
14 Art Podell Maybe Best We Change the Subject
15 The Spring Victoria
16 Jim Gaff I'd Think I Still Love You
17 The Coolies Blueberry Crumble
18 Six Gun Sal Remember My Name
19 A Slow Boat To China Fire in a Flat Circle
20 Raw Terra Monkey See Monkey Do
21 Jon C Butler Mr. Rock N Roll
22 Black River Ransom Mars
23 Eric Reed Now I Have The Beat
24 Kill My Coquette Put Me in Your Movie, Quentin Terratino
25 Adventure Mouse Fly
26 The Brothers Steve She
27 Love Dolls One More Day Of Weekend
28 Van Go Live Through This
29 Rattanson Small Venue Concerts
30 Lacy J Dalton Listen To The Wind
31 Justine and The Unclean Passive Aggressive Baby
32 Genya Ravan Don’t Go In The Bathroom/Pump It Up
33 Bamil & Julie Crystal Mrs. Good Luck
34 Yard Of Blondes Je veux danser tout
35 Elliot Brown Hitch Hiking
36 Fleetwood Mac Landslide (live)
37 Dantevilles Confusion
38 Coldjack Wait For Me ft Renee Rowe
39 Walk By Faith Ministries w Terry P Where Would I Be
40 Whitney Valleys (My Love)
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