Top 40 Songs – Week: August 19, 2019

1 Johnathan Pushkar The Girl Next Door/Isabella
2 The Stan Laurels Lost & Found
3 The Tearaways Who You Gonna Be and Why/Manchester Girl
4 Kill My Coquette Put Me in Your Movie, Quentin Terratino
5 Jeff Kossack Everything With You
6 Anderson Council Our Worlds Collide
7 Kimberley Rew & Lee Cave-Berry Backing Singer Blues
8 The Darts (US) Breakup Makeup / My Way
9 Peyton Gilliland Drag Me Under
10 Kodey Brims Out of My Hands
11 Raw Terra Monkey See Monkey Do
12 Bamil & Julie Crystal Mrs. Good Luck
13 Malou Beauvoir Nwaye
14 Jon C Butler Mr. Rock N Roll
15 Art Podell Maybe Best We Change the Subject
16 Eric Reed Now I Have The Beat
17 The Coolies Blueberry Crumble
18 Euringer (featuring Gerard Way) Sailor In A Life Boat
19 Jim Gaff I'd Think I Still Love You
20 Manny Herrada (I Rise) Brings Me Back to You
21 Nashville Non Prophets Casualties
22 Lacy J Dalton Listen To The Wind
23 The Memory Band Time will Pass
24 Vertilizar What About Us
25 The Nixons Crutch
26 Cinder Human After All
27 Genya Ravan Don’t Go In The Bathroom/Pump It Up
28 Van Go Live Through This
29 Justine and The Unclean Passive Aggressive Baby
30 Cool Million ft D Train Stronger [Opolopo Remix]
31 Lannie Flowers Flavor of the Month
32 Brad Marino Wake Up Baby
33 Love N Revenge All 4 U
34 Permanent Green Light (You & I Are The) Summertime
35 Wondermints Another Way/Tracy Hide
36 The Gunboat Diplomats Judgement Road
37 Batteries Not Included Shallow
38 The Earls Of Satan Searching For The Light
39 The Barefoot Movement Every Little Thing
40 Pugwash Without You