2 Maureen & The Mercury 5 The Keepin' Kind
3 The Tearaways Rodney's Getting Sirius
4 Somerdale Don't You Know/Broken English
5 Raspin Stuwart Smoke The Hookah
6 Amilia K Spicer Lightning
7 Wooley Taylor Breathe A Little Deeper
8 The Bayonets Smartphone
9 Aimee Lay Whispers All Around Me
10 Robert Hunter Ditto Baby
11 Stage 11 Broken
12 Jeff Kossack/Syd Straw So Little Time
13 The Rallies Every Now and Then
14 Chandrika Beginnings
15 Thrift Store Halo I'm Not Through
16 Hail Sagan The Mirror
17 Kingargoolas Pullover Tom Pastel
18 Jonathan Cavier Blue Room
19 Daisy House Languages
20 B.J. Young Just Like The Weather
21 Mystique You Said
22 Lana Wolf Love Being A 70's Child
23 LeLe XO Power
24 I am Trouble Bully
25 Mack Meadows Smilin' In the Islands
26 Motion Device Alive
27 J.J's Music Retaliation Waterdown Madness
28 Ada Perfectly Imperfect
29 Penna Please Sir Buy A Garland
30 Arctos Altar of Nihil
31 Cosmo Topper Green Tea Party
32 Brother Oliver What Will Be Will Be
33 Raveis Kole Dawn Breaks Through
34 Young Presidents Smile/Freedom Of Speech
35 Nick Heyward Perfect Sunday Sun
36 Sonar Lights Wake Up
37 Dustin Thomas Flawless
38 The Edisons Life in Limb
39 Plasticsoul Therapy
40 Brian Howe Hot Tin Roof