Top 40 Songs – Week: August 14, 2017

1 The Tearaways Rodney's Getting Sirius
3 Somerdale Don't You Know
4 Stage 11 Broken
5 Nick Heyward Perfect Sunday Sun
6 Daisy House Languages
7 Jeff Kossack No Life After You
8 Victoria Eman While I Cry
9 The Two Tens Crushed Me
10 Raspin Stuwart Smoke The Hookah
11 Amilia K Spicer Lightning
12 Fly Project Get Wet
13 Rod Melancon Perry
14 Mack Meadows Smilin' In the Islands
15 Penna Please Sir Buy A Garland
16 Ambassadors Of Morning Dance With Destiny
17 Rebeka Rain And Mick Evans Voice Across The Air
18 Kris Schulz A Smile From India
19 Lana Wolf Love Being A 70's Child
20 Country Lou Watson Somebody Else Will
21 Papersleeves Chasing After You
22 I am Trouble Bully
23 Jeff Kossack/Syd Straw So Little Time
24 Young Presidents Smile
25 Crimson Shadows Beyond The Mountain Wasteland
26 Blood Rush Hour No Excuses
27 GoldenWolf Lone Wolf
28 Ada Perfectly Imperfect
29 Amyl and the Sniffers 70's Street Munchies
30 The Nashville PieHoles Neon Boneyard
31 The Sunset Spirit To Have It All
32 Love Child Time And Tide
33 Monique Cassells So Great To Be With You
34 Red Wanting Blue Audition
35 Don Alder Arrows Will Fly
36 Anova Dreamless
37 Dustin Thomas Flawless
38 Brave New World Baby Blue
39 Raveis Kole Dawn Breaks Through
40 Janeen Rae Heller For The Day