1 Nick Piunti One Hit Wonder
2 Karuna Holding Up this Skin
3 Gallery-81 Punk Rock Art Show
4 The Tearaways Bash/Hello Isla Vista
5 The Assist Tell Her How You Feel
6 Sharon Lia Band Fairytales
7 Blue Helix Runaways
8 The Many Colored Death Z
9 David Childers Cain and Abel
10 Reaction Let It Ride
11 Ashes To Fall Abandon
12 Lauren Adams Somewhere Else
13 The Anderson Council Magical/Fridays Girl
14 Augurium Rite To Massacre
15 Celestial Ruin Sense of Exile
16 Illyrian Round 2: Fight!
17 The Garage Flowers Miss Maggie May
18 Chris Barron Pancho & The Kid
19 Astronauts Of Antiquity Future Back
20 Tuatha Dea Long Black Curl
21 Fat Heaven In My Head
22 Anchor the Girl Shine On
23 Somerdale Waiting For You
24 My Son The Bum Mad Man
25 Judy Nazemetz I'm Old