1 Millie Courtney I Wanna Be Sixteen
2 honeychain Messy Love/Crushed
3 The Tearaways All She Wants is The Ring
4 LEMMO These Types of Girls?Lay There
5 Luke Spain Space Girl
6 The Young Presidents Break Away/Ordinary
7 The Matinee Blood Alley
8 Gracie and Rachel Go
10 Tim Johnson Gone
11 Roger Street Friedman Shoot the Moon
12 Rebeka Rain I’m Waiting
13 Ordoxe We Are Eternal
14 Pilgrim Speakeasy Freak Deco
15 Madison Rising Where Are You Now
16 Raspin Stuwart Smoke The Hookah
17 Fringe Benefits Band You're on My Time Now!
18 Kate Lush Band Stranded
19 Don Alder Arrows Will Fly
20 The Fifth School Day Runaway
21 Dangtrippers When Time Runs Out
22 Bad Touch 99%
23 Quist She #Zen
24 The Social Animals Cold
25 Willa Webber Resilience