1Daisy HouseCrossroads
2The TearawaysAll She Wants is The Ring/I'm Just Trying To Be Nice
3honeychainBombs Away/Crushed
4Errol Sammut Burton’s Song
5Gilbert Neal Don't Go Jackie
6Rebeka Rain I’m Waiting
7Vinyl Ambush Curiosity
8LEMMOThese Types of Girls/Lay There
9The Young PresidentsBreak Away/Ordinary
10Millie CourtneyI Wanna Be Sixteen
11Ruby LaRue Love the Skin You're In
12Adesta Reaction
13Lewis Dalgliesh Little Lie
14Sleep Signals I’ll Save You
15Jamie Dupuis Skyline
16Breeze Redwine Courage
17Nobody's Marigold Big Red Fire Truck
18William Control Knife Play
19DangtrippersWhen Time Runs Out
20Lowlight Gathering Walk Away
21Keith JenningsDon’t Lie
22YBI Remember
23Jonnie Morgan BandWalk Around the Sun
24Stephanie Angelini A Secret Smile
25Ivory Tower Project Please Tell Me