1DangtrippersGrey Matter Mr. Grey
2The TearawaysAll She Wants is The Ring/I'm Just Trying To Be Nice
3Breeze RedwineCourage
4honeychainBombs Away/Crushed
5Daisy HouseCrossroads
6Screaming At The SunSingularity
7Shock Frenzy Love Sick
8Jeff KossackNo Life After You
9Stephanie Angelini A Secret Smile
10Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal Parts of a Man
11Young PresidentsBreak Away
12YBI Remember
13Raspin StuwartSmoke The Hookah
14John BatdorfSure Could Use Some Love
15Jennifer Mlott Gravity
16Sarah McQuiad I am Grateful For What I Have
17Millie CourtneyI Wanna Be Sixteen
18Bred 4 War Least of These
19Calle Ameln I Know My Whiskey
20Errol Sammut Burton’s Song
21TEN Jekyll and Hyde
22The Jackson Roses Can't Find You
23Ryan Sauders Gathering Cans
24The Bayonets Like She Does
25LEMMOThese Types of Girls/Lay There