1 The Tearaways If I Had It
2 Edens Lie Hurt
3 Jody Porter She's Changing Everything
4 The Bayonets Like She Does
5 Young Presidents Where Do The Angels Go (live)
6 Elaine Mahon Reach for the Stars
7 honeychain Bombs Away
8 Taylor Angus You're Gonna Wish I Stayed
9 Sarah Spicer Mr Johnson
10 Nuclear Oath Ambushed
11 Raspin Stuwart Smoke The Hookah
12 Tim Johnson Gone
13 Millie Courtney I Wanna Be Sixteen
14 Rebeka Rain I’m Waiting
15 Daisy House Languages
16 YB I Remember
17 Halo Circus Stand Up
18 Nicholas & The Pessimistics Side Stepper
19 Ray Powers Gotta
20 Heart Avail Third Eye
21 It's War Now or Never
22 Dangtrippers Grey Matter Mr. Grey
23 Jeff Kossack No Life After You
24 Breeze Redwine Courage
25 Todd Barrow Bar Code