1 Sariah Cold Blooded (Free Slice Remix)
2 Chuck Johnson & Charlyhorse Gray Coat
3 The Tearaways John Wayne
4 Landon Williams Tonight
5 Kylie Hughes Wish You Were Dead
6 Kenny Lee The Trump Card
7 Divine Weeks Blind Kind of Love
8 RJ Comer Nightly Suicide
9 Jaq Mackenzie I Tell You
10 Room Service Runaway Train
11 Ann Harrington & The Rattle Shakes Strange Longings
12 Spiritual Machines The Wreckoning
13 Dark Horse Flyer No Good
14 Run River North Run or Hide
15 Billy Brown Pretty In Pink
16 Jeff Kossack My Biggest Mistakes
17 EZ Forest Turn Up
18 Darryl Johnson The Way I Love You
19 Bounty Hunters Rise
20 Narrow Plains I Should Have Known
21 The Zero Hour See You Again
22 Naomi K Take Me Home
23 Run River North Run Or Hide
24 Courteneers Winter Wonderland
25 13 Frightened Girls Christmas Lights