1 Chuck Johnson & Charlyhorse Sugarcane
2 Todd Taylor Six Gun's
3 Narrow Plains I Should Have Known
4 Kylie Hughes Wish You Were Dead
5 Anthony Gomez The Blues Ain't the Blues Anymore
6 Landon Williams Tonight
7 The Tearaways James Bond
8 Spiritual Machines The Wreckoning
9 X My Heart Dangerous
10 RJ Comer Nightly Suicide
11 Sariah Cold Blooded (Free Slice Remix)
12 Darryl Johnson Nightmare
13 Courteneers Summer
14 Benjamin Brim Even Sinners
15 Nick Caster Ride All Night
16 The Strands The River
17 The Zero Hour See You Again
18 Bob Cheevers You Sound Just Like Willie
19 Conman Economy Fall Back to Me
20 Bap Kennedy Working Man
21 Don't Mind Dying Steeltoes
22 Grant Lee Phillips Bound To This World
23 4 Lakou Mizik Zao Pile Te
24 Surreal McCoys Whole Lotta Folsom
25 My Son The Bum Follow Me Like Me