1The Young PresidentsLoner
2The TearawaysI Don't Know and I Don't Care
3Wily Bo Walker What You Gonna Do
4Surreal Realm Storms and Rainbow
5Sasha's Bloc Sunday Blues/Runaway Blues
6Goldwing Almost Famous
7Tracey Davis I Want To Play
8Jaq MackenzieRefrigerator
9The Wildlife Waterfalls
11Judy Nazemetz I'm Old
12RJ ComerSteppin’ Out
13Adam Hastings The Blackest Light
14Rebecca Hosking The Other Side Of Good
15Divine WeeksBuilt My Life Around You
16Ayala5157 Miles
17Cheryl Nye I Surrender To My Heart
18The Bounty Hunters Rollercoaster
19Chip Taylor Let Me Fall My Own Way
20DepartedSteal Your Crown
21Floor ModelsSittin' Tight
22TweitoHold On To The Sun
23The Trigger Code Black Mountain (West)
24Joellen Lapidus Grandpa Benny's Chicken Market
25Crawling With Cops Through The Motions