1 Spo Bro Strange Things
2 The Tearaways I Love My Life
3 Airport Impressions Star Signs
4 Spiritual Machines The Race Is Still Alive
5 100 Proof No Hesitation
6 X My Heart Sweet Life
7 Risky Notes I'm Gonna Cry
8 Fluffer Fight All Night
9 The Bogart Jones Band Need Some Money
10 Habaka Kay Foster Jackson Faded Memories
11 Desolation Angel Find You Life
12 Vile Insignia Beneath the Frozen Soil
13 Ellen Xylander Unbeatable
14 Berwanger Exorcism Rock
15 The Two Tens Can’t Pull Through
16 Lauren Adams Seminole Wind
17 Hilary Scott Help
18 Art Podell We Sang Our Songs in California
19 Ellie Jane Clocks
20 Rebeka Rain/ Mick Evans Heatwave
21 The Burning Age Ab Aeterno
22 Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles Substitute
23 June Divided I Didn't Mind
24 Impending Reflections Medicinal Crime
25 Psycho Annihilate