Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: September 20, 2021

1 Josie Cotton Calling All Girls
2 Star Collector Game Day
3 The Chelsea Curve Inconceivable
4 Dean Landew David's Ford
5 Hayley & The Crushers She Drives
6 Willa Amai Fallout
7 The Connells Really Great
8 The Weeklings That Thing You Do
9 Soda Cracker Jesus Kill It Tomorrow
10 Bambies Stuck with You
11 The Replacements Shut Up
12 Natalie Sweet Video Phone
13 Orbis 2.0 With Bill Seward & Johnny Viau Walking The Streets At Night
14 Raveis Kole True Is Beautiful
15 The Amplifier Heads GlamOrama
16 Bamil Afterlife
17 Dea Matrona Make You My Star
18 The Violent Hearts Porcelain World
19 Alex Le Play Have I Ever Been This Broken?
20 David A Balustrade
21 Clarke and the Himselfs Weighted Down
22 Shaun O’Reilly Low Hum
23 Wine Lips Eyes
24 Snail Mail Valentine
25 Klubber Lang I Will Not Wait
26 Pale Lips Sweet Dreams
27 Jim Chesnut I Sure Do Miss My Hair
28 Simon Peters Love Ain’t Love
29 Paisley Black The Way I Feel/Show You Mine
30 Katy Rose Run In a Dream
31 Magpie Sally The Devil's Whisper
32 Lily Rose Frozen Coke
33 Nightblade Whats Your Name?
34 Mojo Alice Liquid Sin
35 The Scaramanga Six An Error Occurred
36 STAY Look To The Other Side
37 The Foreign Films A Photograph of You
38 Jody and The Jerms Spinning Sac
39 Radio Days Subfragatte Citty
40 Velvet Starlings She Said (She Said)
41 Slamdinistas Little Trouble Maker
42 Keeley The Glitter & The Glue
43 C.J.Boddicker & The Super Sound On Deadly Ground
44 Hybrid Spirits Mirage
45 Brett Dennen See the World
46 Hunter Lott Drag You Down
47 Toolman 78744
48 Stereolab The Flower Called Nowhere
49 Jim Basnight & Rockinghams She Gives Me Everything I Want
50 The Chords UK Hey Kids! Come The Revolution
51 The Furys Action Reaction
52 The Grave Denial Unlovable
53 The Streetwalkin Cheetahs Ain’t It Summer
55 Willie Nile The Day the Earth Stood Still
56 Peyton Gilliland Not Bothered
57 Fireflight Keep Your Head Up
58 Christos Tambouratzis Moment In Time ft Marianna Seas
59 Andrea Betting On You
60 Murv Douglas Sarah Toe 9
61 Dolph Chaney This Is Dolph Chaney
62 Tommy Castro A Bluesman Came to Town
63 Paul Alexander Low Everyday Hero
64 Johnny Marr Spirit Power and Soul
65 The Daylilies The Cat Inside the Window
66 Shambolics Sharp as a Razor
67 Mitch & Millie Wicked Game
68 CatSFX Upside Down
69 Su凸ko D凹koi Busu
70 Pacific Coast Band The Flying Saucer Song
71 The Courettes The Teens are Square
72 Cromm Fallon Breathe The Air
73 Dallet Band 45 Song
74 Single By Sunday Give it to Me Now
75 Jasmine Rose Official Silly Little Games
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