Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: January 3, 2022

1 Floppy-Pinkies Glitter Balloons/Thank You For The World
2 Keeley Never O'Clock
3 Kid Gulliver Stupid Little Girl
4 Josh Caterer The SPACE Sessions
5 Murv Douglas Just Waiting
6 Les Fradkin Turn to The Movement
7 Cheyenne Elliott Sugarcane
8 Dogmatics Automat Kalashnikov
9 Velvet Starlings Checkmate
10 David D’Alessio Before Tonight
11 Dave Molter Approaching End of Usable Life
12 Phantom Lady Tattoo On My Heart
13 Shanda & the Howlers Won't Be Back No More
14 Space Panther Do Ya Wanna Rock
15 Chloe Styler Consider Me Gone
16 Ken Sharp Mr. Sun
17 Taylor Road Down
18 Dj Phat Cat Cold Nights
19 Alborosie Official Page Keep On Singing
20 The Daylilies Cat Inside the Window
21 Flechettes Make Your Mistakes
22 Litterbug Introvert
23 The Steve Larkin Project Candelight (Acoustic)
24 Hayley & The Crushers Click & Act Now
25 Jim Chesnut I Sure Do Miss My Hair
26 Maneskin Beggin'
27 Spiritualized Always Together With You
28 The False Positives Bye Bye Baby
29 Spangled Headspace
30 Úna Keane All that Breathes
31 Glowbox Screaming at The Sky
32 Fire Water Get Out Of My Head
33 Emperor of Ice Cream Everyone Looks so Fine
34 James Dey Now Where Was
36 TOMMY KEYES Christmas Time With You
37 David Bowie Sound and Vision
38 Dean Landew Cathi D’Silva
39 Klubber Lang This Place
40 Brendan Love In These Times
41 AVA VOX Crash
42 The Statics Burgers n Fries
43 Beach House Once Twice Melody
44 Elizabeth Cook Thick Georgia Woman
45 Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats Survivor
46 Tommy Gunn Band Feat. Ducky Carlisle Looking Out For Number 1
47 Marc Killian She's That Way
48 Pats Pats Music
49 THE MILKEES Hello Baby
50 Curt Florczak Worry Stone
51 Ch@se Brand New
52 Sergio Lovett Manifest
53 Speedfossil Luckiest Man In The World
54 Sugar Snow Blue Bayou
55 Raw Terra Every Little Bit
56 The Amplifier Heads SaturnalienS
57 Star Collector Game Day
58 The Laissez Fairs Sensation
59 The Shang Hi Los Plymouth Rock
60 Zandrah Meraborg Time To Fly
61 65MPH The Choice
62 Donnie Vie Party Time
63 NOBRO Don't Die
64 The Tearaways Saturday Every Day
65 The Grip Weeds Journey To The Center of The Mind
66 Katy Rose Overdrive
67 Johnson Livingstone Angels Dancin' On the Head of a Pin
68 The Bawl Slant Hang On
69 The Neighborhoods Crown Victoria
70 Justine & The Unclean You and Me Against You And Me
71 Pat McCurdy Sense Of Humor / Science
72 Suburban Urchins Born In The Suburbs
73 The Future Us Strangers Again
74 Frank Demme Silver Lining
75 Noname My Punk Way
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