Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: August 9, 2021

1 Third Lung What Is a Life?
2 Jerry Lehane feat. Dicky Barrett Drinking Life
3 Southern Culture on the Skids Sugar Town
4 Willa Amai The Fallout
5 Josie Cotton Calling All Girls
6 Keeley The Glitter and The Glue
7 Murv Douglas Sarah Toe 9
8 Paisley Black The Way I Feel
9 Sunshine Boys Work and Love
10 The Streetwalkin’ Cheetas Ain’t It Summer
11 Harry Stafford/Marco Butcher There's Someone Tryin To Get In
12 Golden Richards C'Mon C'Mon (The Makeout Song)
13 Cromm Fallon Two Stroke Smoke
14 The Peppermint Kicks Johnny D's [Play It Again]
15 The Anderson Council Girl Don’t Tell Me
16 Longcoats Get Dancin’
17 The Flashcubes With Mimi Betinis Baby, It’s Cold Outside
18 Euphoria Station Content
19 Peyton Gilliland Not Bothered
20 The New Preservation Society Big Pink Escalade
21 Tankus the Henge Dirt
22 The Cocktail Slippers Be The One
23 Michael Jay Cresswell My Sweet Melody
24 Lovelight Ron S. Peno and The Superstitions
25 Toolman Mr. Amazon Prime
26 Yuka Tree The man in the leather laced shoes
27 Mad Mulligans Action Man
28 John Larson and the Silver Fields Painting In The Rain
29 Summer Magic Trauma
30 Girl in Red Serotonin
31 Soda Cracker Jesus My Anthem
32 Magic Wands Cat People
33 Ann M. Wolf I Feel A Song Comin On
34 Photon Glow Worm
35 One Morning in August Lovers By Surprise
36 Subconscious Culture Something Between Us
37 Snatch_realmusic, Zeus_King What's in your heart
38 Catia Dignard Lady Reef
39 Tombstones In Their Eyes Hey
40 Marc Ocram The Taste Of Tears
41 Helen Rose Love and Live
42 The Jacklights Beach
43 Marvin Etzioni Summer in A Bottle
44 Mick O’ Regan We Made Magic
45 Mitch & Millie Blue Bayou
46 The Goon Sax In The Stone
47 We Are Resolute Mad At God
48 Odyssey New York City [SACs Groove Mix]
49 C. J. Boddicker & The Super Sound On Deadly Ground
51 Clipe Circle Vain Shadows
52 Dean Landew Cathi D’Silva
53 Neatbeats Wah! Gyu! De Twist!
54 Nick Piunti & The Complicated Men Gonna be Good
55 The Chelsea Curve Don't Look Down
56 The Potomac Accord Only Shown
57 Velvet Attack (She's a) Human Doll
58 Ambrose Children Of The Sun
59 Halo Lights The Dark
60 Mister Strange Laughing Wall
61 Cold Expectations Summer Dress
62 Sack What a Way To Life
63 CAMEL MOON Children
64 Dick Aven Under Her Stars
65 Greg Shirley The Good Drugs
66 Faith Bardill Bottles and Barstools
67 Tokyo Black Star Black Star
68 Tyler Cressman and Ciroyelle In the Desert of Shadhavar
69 Single By Sunday Hey Boy!
70 Audra McGlaughlin Can’t Buy Fun Like This
71 The Linda Lindas Oh!
72 LHEON I Hate The Way That I Love You
73 Sorrows Love Too Late
74 Brand New Zeros Angels With Guns
75 Ladylord We Da Illest
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