Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: August 16, 2021

1 Jerry Lehane feat. Dicky Barrett Drinking Life
2 Willa Amai The Fallout
3 Hayley & The Crushers She Drives
4 The Streetwalkin’ Cheetas Ain’t It Summer
5 Sack What a Way To Live
6 Paisley Black The Way I Feel/Show You Mine
7 The Peppermint Kicks Johnny D's [Play It Again]
8 Bamil Crying
9 Louis and the Shakes Bullet 4 U
10 Euphoria Station Content
11 Dallet Band Sweet Cindy
12 Sunshine Boys Work and Love
13 Murv Douglas Sarah Toe 9
14 Phoebe Alice Lou How To Get Out Of Love
15 Cromm Fallon Two Stroke Smoke
16 Josie Cotton Calling All Girls
17 Larry Fleet Where I Find God
18 The Flashcubes With Mimi Betinis Of Pezband Baby, It’s Cold Outside
19 Cody Feechan State Of Confusion
20 Ellen Foley I´m Just Happy To Be Here
21 Boxteles Let Him Go Obsidian
22 The Garrys Sintaluta
23 The Clockworks Throw It All Away
24 Soda Cracker Jesus My Anthem
25 Longcoats Get Dancin’
26 The Bambies Stuck With You
27 The Sweet Blockbuster
28 Harry Stafford/Marco Butcher There's Someone Tryin To Get In
29 Mission Jupiter Billion Miles Away
30 Feed Your Wolves Hurricane
31 Audra Mclaughlin Can’t Buy Fun Like This
32 Keeley The Glitter and The Glue
33 Quorum Sea Breeze
34 Al Ross & The Planets Faith
35 Blue Vervain Dreams
36 Searching For Sylvia The Realist
37 Chicken Man & The Bad Eggs Indian Pale Fale
38 The Scaramanga Six Horse With No Face
39 Lukas Setto What Turns You On
40 Zanha Better Run
41 MF Robots Good People
42 Ladylord We Da Illest
44 Velvet Starlings Technicolour Shakedown
45 Kid Gulliver I Started A Joke
46 Third Lung What Is a Life?
47 Cousin George Question of Timing
48 Marvin Etzioni Summer In A Bottle
49 Sister Suzie Are You Gonna (Give Me A Kiss)
50 The Dogmatics Saturday Night Again
51 Hellrose Goodbye
52 Summer Magic Trauma
53 Tombstones in Their Eyes Hey
54 Robert Harrison A Face in the Crowd
55 The Goon Sax In The Stone
56 Jason Pail & The Know It Alls Fingers Crossed
57 Jim Chesnut What Got in the Way?
58 The Datsuns Suspicion
59 Brand New Zeroes Human Kindness
60 Silvertwin You Only
61 The Prefab Messiahs When Things Fall Apart
62 Coldplay Higher Power
63 Ambrose Children Of The Sun
64 The Cocktail Slippers Excuse Me
65 The Adam Brown Hummin' Around
66 Velvet Starlings Technicolour Shakedown
67 Suburban Urchins Born In The Suburbs
68 Hurricane Highway Spin Dizzy
69 We Are Resolute Mad At God
70 Ron D Bowes The Military Blues
71 Rinrin Blacksheep
72 The Neatbeats Wah! Gyu! De Twist!
73 Craig Lee & The Humblebees Defamation Machine
74 Soda Blonde Small Talk
75 Sofia Evangelina Endure
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